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Spleenectomy - good results

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Hi everyone,

I'm Kasra I had my spleen removed just before Christmas and you all supported me.

Now, nearly 4 mounths after,I did a blood test couple of days ago and my platelet count was 331,000 which is better than good, so so far spleenectomy was a perfect treatment for my and it had not any side af effects what so ever, so my case is a successful case of spleenectomy and I thought it will help someone who is going to do the spleen removal and give them hope because that's what I was looking for 5 mounths ago. You guys realy helped me.

Thankyou all once again


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Just keep going for blood test and watch for all the signs. I hope your splenectomy is the answer.

I was only good for a month after my splenectomy.

Hoping for the positive for you

That is great news. I just had a splenectomy last month and have had a lot of problems. My platelets are through the roof though. That is my silver lining. I have had a lot of issues this month after my splenectomy with infections and clotting now. Hoping in the long run that my platelets stay good and infections subside. I've been hospitalized twice (once for a bad post surgery infection in my abdomen), had iv antibiotics and now at home on oral antibiotics to fight an infection from clots in my arm. This first month spleen free has been rough. Hoping this turns around. Your post gives me hope that this despite my speed bumps has been a good decision.

Here's to your continued good health! Let us know how you're doing as you go along.

Fantastic news Kasra! I’m really happy to hear that you’re doing so well. It was a very difficult decision to make and I’m delighted that all the signs are positive for you. Long may it continue.

Love Janet x x

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Kasra in reply to janran

Thankyou Janet !! Your guidance really helped me through that time. I really owe you and hope someday we'll meet. ;))

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janran in reply to Kasra

Thank you for your kind words. I found the people in this forum really helpful when I was first diagnosed and so anxious about the future with ITP. It is so heartwarming to hear that I was able to do the same for you.

Regards Janet

That’s wonderful news, Kasra! I am so happy for you.

This is good news for sure. I see my dr on apr 24 and we are plotting a game plan. One option is spleen out. I’m going to try diff meds first though.

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Kasra in reply to wjoyful

Yes, thats a good Idea !! It wasn't my first choice either. I tried different meds too at first but thay didn't held my count up, hope the best for U !!

This is great news! I have a consult with a surgeon soon. I was diagnosed with ITP in October 2015...Promacta has worked for me but now my insurance doesn’t want to pay for it. It’s great to hear splenectomy success stories. Have you had a good recovery from surgery?

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Kasra in reply to clm298

Yeah, sure... I did laparoscopic surgery so only the first 24h was a bit rough and after that they released me to go home and it was no problem.

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