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Warning of very upsetting scam email

Hi everyone, this morning I received an email, supposedly from 'National Institute for Health and care Excellence' headed 'blood test results' stating that they have been sent a sample of my blood for analysis and for further research. Unfortunately the complete blood count has revealed that my white blood count is really low and they unfortunately have suspicion of cancer.

The blood count is then listed and I was advised to open the attachment which contains my test results and arrange to see my family doctor as soon as possible.

Just imagine the shock at reading this, an email from NICE! I rang my local GP and after a few moments was informed that this is a scam email and not to open the attachment. When the panic stops and reality kicks in you notice the bad spelling and realise that NICE are unlikely to send emails. The scammers do not know I have ITP and they must just have struck lucky, but the stress when reading this email is unbelievable. If you look at the NICE website, you will find reference to this scam but hopefully I can warn others so that the upset will be less.

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I had heard of this also. In fact there was something on the radio this morning. A lady had just undergone an endoscopy and was awaiting the results. She got this scam email and was horrified. Why would someone want to do something like this??? Sick!

Anyway good of you to pass this on.

Thank you


That is so awful how can people be so nasty. I really can not understand what they feel they are achieving by upsetting such vulnerable people.

I haven't heard about this so thank you for pointing it out but I am just amazed that some people can be so hurtful


As an IT Manager I can confirm that there are many such scam emails - they all designed to look like they are coming from genuine sources - Barclays, Vodafone, Paypal, Amazon etc. They all have a .zip attachment - delete the message immediately. These people are scum.


I heard about this on a radio show. I can only decscribe these people as sick . I can only imagine how you felt. Fair play for posting here I never thought of it


Thank you and well done for passing this on.


Thanks all for your comments, I too had a blood test taken 2 days before this rotten email dropped in my inbox which at the time, made this more believable. Take the advice of rjsmyth and make sure the email and attachment are deleted if you are unfortunate enough to get one.


OMG that is so bad. I will keep a look out for it and warn others


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