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Brain fog and ITP

Hello, I have been reading about 'brain fog' that seems come come with some autoimmune conditions and I was wondering if anyone else gets this with ITP?

The reason I ask is that my 8 year old daughter with ITP really suffers from fatigue and also definitely seems to get the brain fog. For example, she has days where she shocks everyone with her maths as she works out some really hard stuff, then the next days she literally can't even add one to a number as she seems to be mentally exhausted. This extreme fluctuation in ability happens all the time and not justin maths.

Her school have not been at all helpful and I have been worried about why this is happening, thinking maybe it is educational/mental problem, however, now that I have read about this brain fog, I realise it sounds just like that.

Does anyone else get this and is it possible to have brain fog with ITP or is symptoms not related?

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When my platelets get really low, then my brain starts to feel foggy.


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