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High blood pressure medicine

Hi all I've just been told I have stage three kidney disease also high blood pressure have been prescribed 5mg bisoporal and 5mg amlodipine together a bit concerned about taking all this medicine as have had remission after taking romoplostim 10 weeks med free so far have told the nurse of my concerns but they just tell me all will be fine anyone else on blood pressure meds thanks Salmagal

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I am on blood pressure tablets - 100 mg Losartan. Are they not concerned about stage 3 kidney disease?


Hi, The stage three renal failure and high BP are possibly related. It is possible that the renal artery is impaired and that increases BP. It is worth taking the suggested tablets and monitoring kidney function as well as the BP. Do not worry to much about the BP as that is counter productive. I have been there.

Glad the Romoplostim worked.

Keep positive.


Hi, I take 3 blood pressure meds, doxazosin, bendroflumethiazide and candesarten and for well over 15 years. I did take amlodipine at the start but found it exhausted me so that I could not walk up a hill, but that was just my reaction to them. I had the high blood pressure before ITP was diagnosed, I don't think the meds have harmed me at all. Good luck, Heather


I was just diagnosed with very high BP & ITP. Put me in the hospital for 5 days. Now I'm on 4 BP meds. I also had 2 IVIG infusions & was on Prednisone. Still getting used to all this med. Very tired, light headed, but ITP seems at bay for now.

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