Is Bad circulation from ITP (53 yr old female)

Hi, I have been diagnosed with ITP, Von Willebrands, non hodgkin's lymphoma ...all in remission (I think)

and am wondering if the numbness and lack of feeling in my legs and feet are related..I inherited these blood conditions from my mother...she always wobbled around with bad circulation and wouldn't go to dr. ..was miserable.. developed gangrene in leg and died from sepsis. It feels numb at top of my legs and feet feel like something is in my shoe feels swollen but isn't...can't feel feet..go numb on elliptical..etc. also I hurt all the time all over..thinking deep vein thrombosis...but doesn't ITP mean thin blood? always tired !!! low blood pressure and leaky valve in heart...have many other diagnosis but not applicable. Thank you for any help

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  • Gosh, I wish I could help you. I am a 58 year old female. I have thrombrocytopenia and anemia. I just read there are over 400 causes for thrombrocytopenia. Last week my platelets were at 10,000 and I get a numbness in both wrists and hands and sometimes in my left arm, occasionally my toes go numb. Have you ever had your neck and spine looked at to make sure you are in alignment and that there isn't anything out of whack putting pressure on the associated nerves?

  • Hi Pilily...thank you ! I thought it was neuropathy but after remembering my mother I started to figure out that it must be bad circulation...I guess I will go to a vascular dr. I hope you have your's checked out as is kinda scary as we get older..

  • Hello you really sound poorly, I'm sorry to hear that. I was diagnosed with itp about 10 years ago but recently with sticky blood so although thin it is sticky so I could in theory have a stroke/thrombosis, hence I am on a low dose of asperin. I sometimes have numbness in my hands but it is usually to do with cold weather, used to have a lot of exhaustion but find it disappearing after losing weight. Please seek medical help

  • Hi, Morgan...thank you for your post.. I have read about sticky blood. There is a supplement called Nattokinase that I bought today that mentions sticky blood ...also Biorutin, collagen and a few other's that were recommended. I have lost weight and exercise regularly so I am assuming I need to see a vascular dr. Thanks again, I hope your condition improves

  • Hi, I have ITP diagnosed for 15+ years and recently diagnosed with another auto immune disorder Lupus. GP originally thought it was inflammatory arthritis sent me to Rheumatology and discovered its Lupus. We have to remember that once we have one autoimmune disorder we are more likely to get another. Anyway, my symptoms which was Lupus, was sore joints, (moving around my body - sometimes knees, sometimes shoulders, sometimes the soles of my feet felt swollen but they weren't) and the other thing was my arms going numb/pins and needley. My friend with Lupus gets the numbness in her legs.... might be worth looking into.

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