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Multiplex parenting and the generations to come

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Hi! I want to clear up some issues with "multiplex parenting". It is connected to IVG technology in infertility treatment. But not limited by that. It entails quite new terms and definitions. Multiplex parenting is among them. In short, it means that a baby may have more than two parents. Up to 32 or even more. Serious moral issues may arise. I want to hear the suggestions. Thanks!

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Although IVG has not been tested on humans, it is a matter of a time. Even not so long to wait. If a mouse gave a birth to a baby-mouse, and the term "multiple parenting" has been created, it means, it is not for the centuries to wait. 32 parents puzzle me as well. How will it look like? Although I have read some articles where the scientists stated that said multiplex parents could theoretically lead to a ‘positive outcome for a child as the more adults who feel responsible for the child’s wellbeing, the better off the child is likely to be. But I can foresee that confusion and conflict might arise about the roles of the many parents.

Any further suggestions?

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nicolesh in reply to Beats95

Surely it will. The more biological parents there are, the smaller each one’s genetic link to the child. A youngster with two parents, for instance, gets 50 percent of its genetic material from each. So a child created by four people using IVG would get 25 percent of its DNA from each person. It is an equivalent to the genetic share of a conventional baby’s grandparents.

The possible conflicts and confusions are to be imagined. Although, if pure arithmetics is applied, all parents are equal in the DNA given to a baby. Am I wrong?

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litoshka in reply to nicolesh

May I join? The parts of DNA may be equal, but what about the features a baby inherits? As far as I get it, 32 individuals engaged in multiplex parenting, in genetic and generational terms they would be like great-great-great-great-grandparents to the child. This is because a child conceived conventionally has 32 great-great-great-grandparents. It is clear to me.

But whose natural features would dominate? Who will give a color of hair, or a shape of eyes? Or even more, the brains? Will the donor be equal? I wonder.

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beatrix95 in reply to litoshka

Actually, nobody knows yet. Just keep in mind we are talking not about the clones but a new combination of the genes. Next question. If two males got a desire to have a child, they will surely need to find a surrogate mother, opposite to lesbian couples. Does the IVG mean that a surrogate mother will not give a baby her DNA? Will she be only a productive machine for carrying and delivering a baby? Does it mean, that a newborn baby will not have a person to name her a mom? That is the real issue!

Whaaaat? This sounds super sci-fi! I am sorry but I don't believe that will ever happen with humans. Who would agree to be part of this to begin with? It's just inhumane and unnecesarry. Also this isn't a fertility treatment. I don't understand how can that be? Think about the psychology of this child... How would he feel? Would the child choose favorite parents and so on? THis cannot be right! No not at all... I just super shocked by this. I don't understand the point and anything behind it. Could anybody care to explain further for me... How does this whole thing work?

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