The car accident changed my life

Hello I want to share with you my story. I lived a normal life as everyone first school, university then I met my future husband and we married. After one year of marriage I learned that I was pregnant. We were so happy. We were ready to become parents. Everything is changing in one moment. I’ll never forget that awful day. It was raining all day I called the taxi I was going to visit my sister but….. I got in a terrible car accident. The doctors couldn’t save baby’s life, I’ve lost it. After that I was told that I will not able to have children any more. It was the end of my happy life soon my husband and I divorced. Then follow the years of my deep depression. A year ago I met a new man he backed me to life. Of course he knows about my infertility but we still want try to have a baby. So, we decided to take part in surrogacy program but it’s impossible to do in our country. Do you have any advices? What you can recommend to us?

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  • It was very painfully to read about your tragedy. I hope you have made your mind to pass through surrogacy without any doubts. I want you to know that this methodic gave a beautiful baby to me. And full happiness is around my life from that day. A lot of little troubles and giant love are filling my existence, I’m happy.

    We’ve chosen Ukraine for our journey and we can’t complain.

    What directions do you prefer or consider? I don’t know perhaps the US is affordable variant for you and you have enough money. We have, but we excluded all other options but Ukraine, and were right.

  • Hello! Thank you for your reply and empathy. Frankly speaking we haven’t thought about some specific destination. As we are from Europe I think it will be more convenient for us to find a good European clinic. We want our clinic have a high success level and give us some guarantees. I have never heard about Ukrainian clinics. If you have enough money what was the reason chose this direction?

  • I want to begin my response from the end of my story. Now My Darling and I, and all around are able to see our little sweet princess. And we’ve got this ability with help of our Ukrainian clinic. I mean Our Dear Daughter is a beautiful successful result of their done work! you see?

    But answer is easier as I wrote on this forum before my husband had been adopted from one of the Kiev orphanages. And he urged to try our treatment in Ukraine.

    besides that there is modern advanced medicine there. And he knew what to do.

  • Oh, it’s fantastic story about your success. My congratulations now you are a happy mom. What is the name of this clinic? What was your first step? Did it take much time for you to find a surrogacy mother? Did you receive any results, photos or something like this during her pregnancy?

  • Thank you very much! Our reproductive center is called Biotexcom. It’s rather famous place for the couples who suffer from fertile issues. But I found out this latter than had fond and signed the contract.

  • It’s too long to explain but we didn’t select our surrogate, it has been chosen by the doctor. It has a sense. But during beginning part of the program we need to wait for surrogate to be accepted by medical specialists according to our special case. didn’t you hear about this place?

  • so sorry for you, Erika. however, it seems that time healed if you can speak about your tragedy here. as far as I understood, you had uterus injured or removed, right? if so, surrogacy really seems the last chance for you. are you officially married with your man? if yes, try researching about surrogacy options in Ukraine. this is the country where we did surrogacy. very good service for moderate prices, but they approve only married couples

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