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7w2d first scan post bfp....empty sac 😒

I'm gutted. Absolutely devastated 😩

As you can read from the title this happened today 😒 I'm shocked. I really did not expect this at all. The clinic took hcg and it came back today at 29,000.

I just don't understand. It doesn't make sense, does it?!

I have to have hcg rechecked on Friday and another scan.

I have read that there may still be hope and that it is perhaps maybe just too early to see anything.

Can anyone help me??

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No one???


I'm sorry to hear this I can't comment personally but have had 3 ectopic pregnancies so I do understand your worry and pain you can have empty sac that is to early or that didn't Develop are you under a EPU they are the best people to look after you. I hope it goes ok 2moz here if would like to talk x


Thanks E8989! I'm being seen by early pregnancy tomorrow. Having now had 24 hrs to think about I feel a little calmer. I'm hoping and praying that somehow it's all going to be ok. What a nightmare though. Feel sick to my stomach 🀒


Glad you feel litter calmer Hun I am prAying that it all works out for you. I bet you do feel very sick and nervous but remain positive as possible and hopefully it was just to early could have got dates wrong or is it ivf? Xx


No dates are exact it was our first go at ivf for unexplained infertility. Talking about dates though....I find it a bit strange how they add on 2 weeks. My egg collection, ie the day the embryo was created was 21st August. Therefore in my head I'm thinking, yesterday the embryo was only 5w2days yesterday- perhaps I'm clutching at straws 😧


Yes I never really understood tbh I think it's due to the egg being released traveling and implanting (in natural conception) this takes 2 weeks so by the time you found out your are already 1 month (2week after missed period) as it's always calculated from last period date. I don't know Hun wish I had answers for you but just want to send my love and luck for positive news 2moz xxx


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