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The Stages of Embryo Development

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss the stages of embryo development.A successful pregnancy goes through several distinct stages. A man's sperm must reach, penetrate, and fertilize a woman's egg. The resulting zygote must divide and form a blastocyst. The blastocyst much reaches the uterus and implant in the endometrium. The implanted blastocyst continues its development into an embryo and then a fetus.At any point in this process, problems can occur that interfere with a successful pregnancy.There are five stages :-

1. Fertilization,

2. Blastocyst Development,

3. Blastocyst Implantation,

4. Embryo Development,

5. Fetal Development.

Hope this information will help you ...... Any comments and feedback???

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Hey, Jessicaj.......... Thanks for providing such a useful information.... It really seems interesting. You know that Within 24 hours after fertilization, the egg begins dividing very quickly into many cells. It remains in the fallopian tube for about three days. The fertilized egg (called a blastocyte) continues to divide as it passes slowly through the fallopian tube to the uterus where its next job is to attach to the endometrium (a process called implantation).


Thanks, Krystle........ I am really amazed that you read this post and found such interesting facts......... Love to read these kinds of replies which make this thread really informative. Thanks sweetie....... Take Care!!!


Hello Jessicaj........ I must say that you quote it so well.... I really appreciate your study on embryo development..... I just want to know the reason that why an ovulating period is considered as more effective for conceiving??? It would be really helpful if you try to give an answer of my query........


hey preity, thanks for your feedback. it would be my pleasure to help you. back to your query, When a woman is ovulating she releases one egg into her Fallopian tubes (or more in the case of fraternal twins). During this time, a woman's cervical mucus will thin, in preparation for sperm to pass through more effectively,that's the reason an ovulating period is considered as more effective for conceiving.


I wish I could experience that. πŸ˜”


Ofcource dear . why not??? One day you will definitely experienced it...... My best wishes aer always be with you.... Good things always takes time. Hope you will experienced that time very soon.... Wishing you a very all the best.

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Hey jessicaj , Thanks for sharing this information. As I am in the early stage of pregnancy. I really want to know the issues which interrupt my pregnancy. so that I should be extra careful during a mean time. As I don't want to take any kind of risk.


Hi shemona, How are you dear??? Congratulations for the lovely news. hope everything goes smoothly till know.Dear it would be really nice if you tell me that in which month of pregnancy you are??? It helps me lot to guide you better...


Hey jessicaj I am good dear. Well, I am 10 weeks pregnant. I really want to know that what kind of precautions may I take at this stage???