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Hi. I am new here. I want to tell you how I became a mother of 2 girls. It started when I was 23, I married and we decided to make children. After 2 years of trying nothing happened. Then I was examined by different doctors and my gynecologist told me I have PCOS. In addition my AMH was very low that means I don't have chances to become pregnant on my own. I was recommended IVF but it would be resultless because of low Anti-mullerian hormone. That's why I needed to find donor's eggs. Then happened a car accident and I had injuries that caused inability to bear a baby. I was shocked but hopefully I found a solution, an international agency lotus helped us to become parents. We are so greateful! Don't give up you too.

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  • Where is this international agency lotus located. I am trying to have a baby. I am in Canada. Where are you located.

  • This agency is in Ukraine and I am from the UK. Everything was just amazing and in 4 weeks after my baby girls were born we went home. As far as I know this agency works with couples from Canada. I recommend you to write them and discuss everything you want to know. The level of communication is excellent!

  • hey dear, I can't understand what I have to say???Its really sad to know about your accident.But I really congratulate to you on your success. God bless you.

  • Congrats dear !!! You are really a fighter.... take care sweetiee..... god bless you.

  • Are you ok? isn’t it strange to have ‘low AMH” when you deal with PCOS?

    I’m just asking maybe I’m not good at that but I guess it looks like mistake.

  • Hi, I’m not a specialist in this sphere but is it possible to have PCOS and low AMH in the same time?

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