my coronary illness

I was living a very successful and happy life. At that point, I met the adoration for my life. Every last bit of it was occurring truly rapidly. In any case, it is was simply stunning. We chose to have babies, yet after our marriage. Following a couple of months, he proposed me and we got hitched. Returning once again from the special night I was not feeling admirable. My DH took me to the specialist and got the awful news of my coronary illness. We both were extremely vexed about my condition. He extremely adored kids yet we can't have any. He never left me. Regardless he cherishes me to such an extent. I am only here to impart my story to you individuals. I trust there will be women having a circumstance like mine too. I want to enjoy all that life has to offer to all of you. Infant tidy to every one of you.

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  • I am sorry to hear about your illness. Do you have any further checkups and tests? I wish you to be a mother soon. What did your doctors suggested you? I would like to suggest you to go for IVF. It will be the best option for you. Take special care of your diet and health. Good luck.

  • Hi there, dear. So sorry to hear that. Consult a cardiologist and a fertility speciaist before ttc. Who know? It might be possible. I wish you speedy recovery. Good luck.

  • It's sad to hear you story. I felt sorry. What can be done to change this but there's a solution to your fruitlessness. you guys can visit a clinic in Ukraine. God has blessed me with twins. When we got the news that I am not going to be a mother I felt heart broken. A friend of mine suggested me a clinic. we had a surrogate mother. And now its all a blessing.

  • Hey dear. Your post grabbed my attention as it is the cause of my infertility too. I have been through the same. So don't worry. I got your back. You are gonna be fine. You will have your own kids. There are other ways to have kids. You can adopt a baby. If you don't want to, you can go for surrogacy. I went for that. Just don't feel sad about your disease. It happens with a lot of people. You are not alone

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