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Failed ET post consultation-to book or not to book?

Hi everyone. Just wanted to know your thoughts on whether I should request for a follow up consultation after our failed ET in July.

DH can't be bothered & feels it's pointless to go as we already knew the odds were against us because of my age & low AMH. However our journey was so smooth, didn't need ICSI (when I thought we would) & everything went well so obviously heartbroken that it ended up with a BFN.

I've had to repeatedly email the clinic to request for a post failed ET consultation & been advised to ring to request one. But I too have lost the will to listen to what I probably know already.

Our last clinic asked us straightaway if we wanted a post consultation but this 2nd clinic didn't seem to bother.

Sorry for the long post...promise I'll shorten it next time. What do you guys think? x

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