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The best clinic for reproduction problems- in Kiev, UA

I have a success story regarding this wonderful clinic. You can check in the records as well, this clinic has great records.

A friend advised me to consult this clinic cause of a case, which was in 2012: Swiss woman appealed for help to the BioTexCom clinic and went through the IVF program with donor eggs. As a result, a 66-year-old woman successfully gave birth to healthy twins. Many women that are over 40 are visiting this reproductive center … years are successfully carried out such programs as IVF, surrogate motherhood, egg donation. Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom received an award for the best service (Customer Service Award). Managers who help foreign patients during the program are fluent in different languages: English, German, Italian, French, Romanian, Hebrew, and Chinese. BioTexCom is the only clinic of reproductive medicine in Europe, where clients are offered the most favorable conditions and 100% guarantee.

BioTexCom Medical Center was founded in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, by a German citizen Mr. Albert Totchilovsky. He has gathered rich European experience and combined it with unique skills of Ukrainian specialists. Doctors of BioTexCom center deal even with the most hopeless cases of infertility. Over clinic’s history of work, it gives the good of long-awaited happiness of motherhood and fatherhood to thousands of infertile couples from around the world. After numerous failed IVF attempts, they go to Ukraine, because there is no absolute infertility for BioTexCom specialists.

You can give a try, you won't regret.

I'm also having a wonderful girl, 3 years old already.

So I am a happy case :)

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Hey andriana9, Thanks for sharing such useful information. It seems a very promising place. I will definitely refer my friend there, as she faces the fertility issues from a very long time and didn't get any kind of successful treatment.


Wao! I'm already starting to love this forum. You guys share so much valuable info. Thanks for doing that. I did not know if Kiev was that popular for surrogacy. Will definitely recommend everyone who inquires me about the best clinic. Oh, and what's the clinic's name again? Hoping to hear from you!


Hi Adriana. You are doing a great job by writing about the clinic. It will definitely help those who want to go to a good clinic. Your review of the clinic is going to benefit many people. I am happy for your babies. I hope they are doing fine. People must share their experiences about the clinics. Due to this, it becomes easier for other people to choose a good clinic.