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Talking about it

The story so far is I have zero eggs and need a donor but my bf and myself have never told anyone we have been trying for a baby and that we have been referred for IVF. The first week I got told this news I cried nonstop I was heartbroken. But after a meeting with consultant I feel positive. Donor egg is only option.

My bf and I have talked it through and decided that we would like to try with my twins eggs but I felt sick about telling her about it and asking for a egg 🙈

I tried loads of times to bring the subject up but came away I just couldn't do it I thought it would upset her and most likely me again ☹️

But on Thursday when she was round with my 12 week old niece I did it 🙌🏽

I just blurted out me and bf was going to have a designer baby 😂

It broke the ice and before I even got chance to ask she asked if we would like to see if she could donate.

We rang the secretary the next day and she has to go in on Monday for bloods etc

I know it's only the start and she might not be possible to donate but I'm so glad I've told her because I don't feel alone on this journey ( bf is happy I've someone to talk to now )

Without finding this group I thought I was going mad it's such a godsend especially for people like me who told no one what we was going through but with her on board and you lot I think it's going to be a whole lot easier to take the ups and downs

So fingers crossed for Monday 👍🏽

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