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Infertility and bad mood

Ladies, truly don't comprehend what to do! My significant other and I have married 4 year ago. This time we've been ttc , yet unsuccessfully. What's more, really I knew the reason behind why would we even try. When I was 17 I had a premature birth. I had never told about it neither my folks nor companions. What's more, I was so terrified to talk about it to my better half! I thought he won't understand and he'll abandon me. Also, I could never talk about it to my folks. They are exceptionally strict and profound individuals. Ordinary I heared "We need grandchildren!", "Why not in any case have children?", "Would prefer you not to end up a mother?" obviously I needed! I've been contemplating it each second of my life and still do! One day I culled up all my courage and said everything to my significant other. His response truly astonished me! He really upheld me and he didn't complain about why I was so hesitant to let him know before. We chose to educate my parents concerning the reason of my infertility. In any case, their response astonished me much more... They never contacted with me after I convinced. Their words had practically separated me. On account of my better half, I assembled my inner powers and we began to considers to ttc. We need to have children regardless! Firs we attempted IVF. We had 5 cycles and every one of them failed. Every disappointment was horrendous. Every cycle resembled a blade in the heart. I point the finger at myself and I comprehend that this is just my fault. These emotions are destroying me! I simply don't realize what to do and where to go... I need to stop this gloom, need to begin living, need to have a happy family and the most critical – need to have kids! We consider surrogacy. So be it, where would it be a good idea for us to begin our search for clinics? Furthermore IVF strategies pulled a considerable measure of cash from us, so perhaps you know centers with moderate costs? I see here a considerable measure of young ladies, who had surrogacy in Ukraine. What administrations and costs are there? Much thanks to you for any information in advance!

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Hello there,

Surrogacy starts in Ukraine at around 29,000 Euro.

Only married couples can avail of it so you need to have your marriage certificate to hand.

Ukraine is probably the best place in the world for fertility treatments and surrogacy. They are up-to-date in the very latest methods, the doctors are very skilled and have ongoing training to improve skills all the time, it is cost effective and the Ukrainians are very nice friendly helpful people.


Hey dear! Recently I faced the same issue and arrived to Kyiv to make my own research. I visited seven different reproductive clinics to make a right choice, even made a list of advantages and disadvantages of all of them. If you're interested, you can write me on email, I'll be happy to answer all your questions and give you appropriate support: janettemarvin88@gmail.com.


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