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having my own babies

Well, I do not know where to start. It has been a really tiring journey. I had to face a lot of things. Even my relatives were not with me. I was very shy to go out. I did not even talk to my friends. You know what, I also felt jealous of other couples who had children. It was not because of hate. It was because I also wanted to have my own babies. After a lot of struggle, one of my friends one day came up and told me about surrogacy. In the beginning, I did not believe it. But when I came on this forum for some help, my knowledge improved. I went for surrogacy. I found the process very promising and easy. My surrogate mother is 27 weeks pregnant now. Hoping to have a baby soon.

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Hey there dear friend. How are you doing today? I hope that this message find you well. I am so sorry to hear that you have been through all these stuff. It is really sad to know that a soul is going through this much. I can relate to your story so freaking much. It is beautiful and it can go as far as to bring tears to my eyes. I think that no matter how sad it is, it has a happy ending. That's what matter right?

I too am doing surrogacy. Or at least I am about to do it. I am going at a Ukrainian clinic, located in Kiev. What about you? God bless you dear and try to relax a little. Things will get better eventually! Much love for you xxoo

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You have indeed been through a lot. I myself having difficulties having children due to financial issues caused I can’t even afford IUI right now. Problem is iui and ivf is only way I can have children due to illness. Wish I could afford surrogacy. Might even consider it. I guess you are doing well financially to afford that. God bless you.


That's a great news that you found a solution to your problem and your baby is onboard, congratulation! :) I hope a lot of women who are still considering the option of surrogacy - whether or not it's worth it, whether or not the baby will be theirs truly and whether or not it's a feasible solution - get some confidence in going forth with surrogacy. I've just had my IUI on 17th so it's a long way before I have to even think about surrogacy but I know it's my last resort and that if everything else fails I can still count on surrogacy. :) Wish you good luck for the baby!


Wow. I'm so happy for you. Happy healthy nine months to the baby and the surrogate. I am new to these fertility treatments. I got diagnosed late last year. My DP and I decided to try natural remedies first. Those have not worked so we are considering fertility clinics. Preferably in Ukraine. I have found one (BioTexCom) with an economy package of €40k. I find it quite fair.


Hi! Congrats with the surrogate's pregnancy! Did you use own eggs? I heard they send reports about how things are going every other week, is that true? How often do they monitor your surrogate? I hope everything's going well for you. That's nice we have such an option nowadays. Stay well x


Congratulations, lovely!! If I'm not mistaken your surrogate must be in her 3rd trimester now :) Things with change entirely when you first see your little one. Here's some of my background. I was born without womb so that was not a secret I'll never be a mom. But this didn't make things easier. Even worse I should say. When you simply live and expect and hope and then it turns out you have issues - at least you had that tiny hopeful period. For me the situation was clear from the very begining. I knew I'll have to tell my partner, then a dh I can't have kids myself. I imagined what should be said in this case hundreds od times but when it was high time I got completely lost. I've never pictured dh's eyes full of sorrow for me. And that it all would make me feel increadibly miserable. I guess these are the emotions all women endure when knowing they're infertile..And I'm not the exception. With all our needs we finally applied for surrogacy at a clinic overseas (Purely for money matter first.) They were quite fast with finding a surrogate for us. We used oe for the procedure so it got even more time wise. And here you know I remember well what sounded like music to my ears. Once the baby was conceived it was OURS. In Ukraine surrogates have no right to keep babies after delivery or claim any rights. Our minds fully rested on this so that we could enjoy every day of 'parent to be' feeling..I'm glad for people making decisions. It is always rewarded at the end :) Wishing your LO smooth and safe arrival x


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