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having my own babies

Well, I do not know where to start. It has been a really tiring journey. I had to face a lot of things. Even my relatives were not with me. I was very shy to go out. I did not even talk to my friends. You know what, I also felt jealous of other couples who had children. It was not because of hate. It was because I also wanted to have my own babies. After a lot of struggle, one of my friends one day came up and told me about surrogacy. In the beginning, I did not believe it. But when I came on this forum for some help, my knowledge improved. I went for surrogacy. I found the process very promising and easy. My surrogate mother is 27 weeks pregnant now. Hoping to have a baby soon.

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Hey there dear friend. How are you doing today? I hope that this message find you well. I am so sorry to hear that you have been through all these stuff. It is really sad to know that a soul is going through this much. I can relate to your story so freaking much. It is beautiful and it can go as far as to bring tears to my eyes. I think that no matter how sad it is, it has a happy ending. That's what matter right?

I too am doing surrogacy. Or at least I am about to do it. I am going at a Ukrainian clinic, located in Kiev. What about you? God bless you dear and try to relax a little. Things will get better eventually! Much love for you xxoo

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You have indeed been through a lot. I myself having difficulties having children due to financial issues caused I can’t even afford IUI right now. Problem is iui and ivf is only way I can have children due to illness. Wish I could afford surrogacy. Might even consider it. I guess you are doing well financially to afford that. God bless you.


That's a great news that you found a solution to your problem and your baby is onboard, congratulation! :) I hope a lot of women who are still considering the option of surrogacy - whether or not it's worth it, whether or not the baby will be theirs truly and whether or not it's a feasible solution - get some confidence in going forth with surrogacy. I've just had my IUI on 17th so it's a long way before I have to even think about surrogacy but I know it's my last resort and that if everything else fails I can still count on surrogacy. :) Wish you good luck for the baby!


Wow. I'm so happy for you. Happy healthy nine months to the baby and the surrogate. I am new to these fertility treatments. I got diagnosed late last year. My DP and I decided to try natural remedies first. Those have not worked so we are considering fertility clinics. Preferably in Ukraine. I have found one (BioTexCom) with an economy package of €40k. I find it quite fair.


Hi! Congrats with the surrogate's pregnancy! Did you use own eggs? I heard they send reports about how things are going every other week, is that true? How often do they monitor your surrogate? I hope everything's going well for you. That's nice we have such an option nowadays. Stay well x


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