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CICU - coping with setbacks

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Hi. My newborn son ( 7 days old ) was airlifted to great ormand street from Devon last week. Finding it hard to deal with setbacks and remaining positive. Always go in dreading bad news. My partner is in bits.

Feel that can’t be optimistic as may tempt fate

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I hope it all works out for you, your son & partner, Radioman101.I was a 26 week prem baby born 57 yrs ago - the PICU facilities today are a lot more sophisticated, your son will be being seen to by the best possible team of people.

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Really appreciate that and what a great story x

Radioman101, I'm so sorry to hear you and your family are going through this. I remember well that fear that optimism might tempt fate. There are many setbacks, and as well as steps forward, on this journey. It's debilitating and all you can do is to do enough of those things that support you to get through each day. Take heart that he really is in the best place possible. I wish you and your family well 🌠

Thank you so much. Yesterday was a better day. We pray for another today x

I am glad yesterday was a better day. Stay strong and remain hopeful. Your son will be well looked after.

Your boy is being cared for in one of the finest facilities on our planet, no stone will be left unturned in his treatment and care. While you may be cautious in being too optimistic, as family and friends of a patient (even carers), without hope we have little to rely on when fighting for our loved ones. Stay strong for yourself, your partner - and your boy.

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Thank you for your kind words x

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