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Please give my dad in prayer for healing

For the past couple weeks been so crazy my dad had brain surgery and once he got out he went into so called man made coma I know god got this all in control I can't believe what is happening in my life right I'm all over the place, dear Lord. Please hear me out please send your angles n heal my father. I need my father so much I pray that u put your hands on him for healing from head to toe lord please forgive me for my sins and my family's all I asks lord is that u please heal him n wake him up be his strength, your kings of kings and lord's of lord's there in power in prayer you say asks and whatever we gives we be giving just belive and have faith and we will receive, in ur name I pray in jesus holy name amen amen amen

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I pray for healing for your dad and strength for your family.

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thank you so much mean alot there's power in prayer god bless you and your family


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