Can a medical induced coma cause long term memory loss and speech disparities ?

I have a question, I had surgery and well, they ended up giving me to much meds and basically put me in a medical induced coma, ever since then I have memory loss (I can read something and 10 min later, not remember what I read) I also have nightmares of what I thought I heard while I was under and sometimes I go to say a word and can't pronounce it right for anything! It's been almost 3 years and it's not getting better. Help is this common

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  • Yep! It’s so very common! My brain is like Swiss cheese sometimes!

    Don’t worry, just explain to people you’ve had a critical illness and it’s a marathon recovery not a sprint x

  • I'm the same, swiss cheese brain, flaky memory: forgetting simple words and having to re-read book passages that I've forgotten.

  • I have that along with the memory and speech issuses, I also find that I have weakend facial muscles and drool on the side of my face that the breathing TUBE was on! Diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis 12/26/16. went into a diabetic coma on the car trip back to nj from nc. Chilton induced coma from 12/26-1/04/17 In the ICU. Total muscular atrophy, was paralyzed top to toe! Lungs, bladder, etc etc etc. the brain is a muscle. I was in Hospital settings from Christmas to Easter. April 13,2017- 15 weeks on a roller coaster learning how to take a step, regain function in most of my body, now almost 11 months into this journey and 7 months out of the Hospitals I’m doing bettering but I still have a ways to go! However at night it comes rushing back at me. I dream about the Hospitals all the time! Monday I start with a new therapist hopefully she will be able to help!

  • Short answer is yes. In my case it’s still the same nearly 7 years later, it’s my new normal. My short term memory is rubbish. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, if I took my meds’ etc. I also struggle with finding the correct word, it’s like give us a clue in my house. I had the children in hysterics with me trying to describe mustard as I couldn’t pull the word mustard from my brain I actually asked for the yellow stuff you put on hotdogs.

  • This is so familiar Lynn! I have to stick to a rigid routine or else forget to do things like taking my meds. I once couldn't remember the word for sausage; imagine us trying to describe a hotdog! 😊

  • Swiss cheese brain too - I struggle to retrace methods of doing things that I have known all my life

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