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5 weeks after major head injury

My brother was attacked and suffered a major brain injury nearly 5 weeks ago, we were told he wouldn't survive he spent 8 days in a coma and 2 week in intensive care and hdu he's now been on a ward for 2 weeks where he is having physio and speech therapy , he crys to us and has started smiling blinks on command n moves limbs but he's still not talking and we can't always get him to take notice of us has good and bad days I was just wondering if anyone could share some light on recovery is it to soon it's been such a long 5 weeks and he has come so far it just seems to be not any major changes I'm I expecting too much too soon?

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Everyone recovers at a different rate. It took me a month and a half to walk anything like normal - they say it takes 12 days for every day you are in ICU/HDU, to recover. Hope your brother carries on improving.


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