2 weeks after his attack

Well a very small glimmer of hope yesterday dad gas been in Icu for 2 weeks sedated and no real reaction,we were told about hypoxic brain damage ,tracheotomy fitted last week and on our visit yesterday a small fairy step forward ,his eyes open looking around the room at voices we even got a smile ,I'm not sure he knew us but never the less it made our day yesterday and something I thought we would never see so there is hope don't give up on your Loved ones you have to stay strong and positive


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  • That's brilliant news. My dad had a tracheotomy fitted last week and has been off sedation ever since. Like you I am overjoyed at just being able to see his eyes and we are getting nods and shakes of the head - it makes the world of difference doesn't it. My dad seems to go through moments of recognising us and then back to staring at the ceiling looking confused - but I guess it takes time for all the drugs to leave their body. Feels like a massive step in the right direction though :) x

  • It's all small steps but it makes us all feel better

  • That's great news to hear, don't be to concerned your dad has possibly been in a very different virtual world that so many of us survivors know so well and coming out of sedation to a strange environment unable to speak because you have a tube attached to your throat can make things seem even more bizarre, keep talking to him to reassure him that everything is being done to aid his recovery and that hopefully he will soon be back home enjoying family life again, please make sure that you and your mum are looking after your own health as people often neglect themselves when they have a loved one critically ill.

    Best wishes to you all on a good continued recovery.


  • Hi if you don't mind me asking what happened to your dad?

  • Hi if you don't mind me asking what happened to your dad?

  • He had a heart attack

  • My dad had a cardiac arrest in August, and has been in a coma since.

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