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I too has had the experience of being in ICU, I have found out since,that I was put in a coma for 2 weeks and that while in the coma I contracted sepsis and pneumonia. I was in ICU for about 35 days and then HDU then released back home after 2 months. I am recovering not at work yet hopefully it wont be too long but I have just found out that I have PTSD from being in ICU for so long.

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Hi Sherlock, welcome! I too had sepsis and pneumonia caused by swine flu last year. What I would advise is that you be kind to yourself above all else. Hoping you have an understanding employer like I do, they won't want you back to work so soon.

In itu you lose up to 11% muscle mass per day so you will need to build your strength gently.

Are you on the uk? If so check out icusteps for a local support group as I have found the emotional journey this year on a par if not worse than my physical one last year.

Take care,


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Hi I am 2 months post ICU and Induced coma and I too am suffering with PTSD from the deliriums I suffered from > Wishing you all the best. I find knowing I was not alone when I found this site was very Helpful. Shannon

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