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Hanging on!

So I'm new here and have been going a bit the last week. My dad had lung cancer and the best option for treatment was surgery. That was 13 days ago, after the surgery things seemed good they were hopefully that had got all the cancer by removing half of his lung.

5 days later he took an infection in his good lung. The next day they had to put him on a ventilator they next day his kidneys failed and then he had a stroke!

They have started him on dialysis and have him breathing in his own with the support of the ventilator. He has no response on the entire left hand side of his body.

The doctor told us yesterday to prepare for the worst, I don't know how he can fight against all these things at one time! He is still sedated but lonely enough for comfort so we have been getting responses from him when we talk moving his eyes his head and his right arm! Which to us all seem d positive but now the doctors say to prepare for the worst I feel like all hope has gone :(

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Sorry for all the spelling mistake in this auto correct is not my friend!


Hang on in there we were given 48 hours and now Andy is home and on his way to recovering! Xx

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Whilst he is still alive there is always hope. On my 3month journey through ICU, my wife & family were told on quite a few occasions ( maybe 8) to prepare for the worst, there was little chance of my survival. A year on, I am conscious and full capable.

Wishing you well


Thankyou! I keeping hope until they tell me there is none! They are now going to try some blood thinning meds to see if this can prevent anymore clots! There is a risk of bleeding now after the small strokes in his brain but they think the risk is worth it.

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The docs & nurses administered drugs that gave me a fighting chance. Unconscious, I rallied. We have an innate determination to survive.

My thoughts are with you & your Dad.


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