ARDS and Hair Loss

I suffered from ARDS AND sepsis in February. I was in ICU for weeks. I was on a ventilator and woke up without use of anything. I had lots of therapy and I am walking again. I still get very dizzy and I have a hard time catching my breath when doing any activity. I have some kidney damage and I am in the process of seeing a Nephrologist. I never feel good anymore. A couple weeks ago I started losing my hair and I am scared to death. Is this normal? My hair has always been important to me. Today I cleaned my brush of hair 3 times. My hair is long and I am going to get it cut. I am scared to death of going bald. I have nightmares of things that happened in the ICU. How do I get through this hair loss. My doctor said nothing to me about losing my hair. I do not want to be bald.

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  • Hi Patty58

    I had a very similar experience to you. Bearing in mind how ill we both have been, it is strange how loosing your hair is so disturbing. If you go on line and put in chronic hair loss after critical care - you'll see how common it is.

    I was encouraged to brush my hair - this would stimulate growth, I also take a multivitamin to help. I can't remember which mineral or vitamin is good for hair growth - someone else, I'm sure will message you. Although I did lose loads of hair - it has grown back fully and probably softer. There is loads of info on line too. I take a few supplements to rebuild my depleted resources.

    Best wishes

  • I too lost my hair in a similar situation . I was given information from my after care team on the condition called TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM (a type of hair loss). A year on my hair has stopped falling out and grown back thick and healthy. Good luck on your continued recovery .

  • My thick hair fell out lots and lots but when it returned to begin with it was very curly but now has gone back to pre ICU wavy and thick.

    I have learnt over time to be self compassionate and kind to myself, however have times when life is unbearable and need reassurance.

    Good luck with everything.

  • I was advised to get a multivitamin with A,C, B7,B3 and zinc,iron and iodine. Promotes good healthy hair.

  • I lost my hair too. I would wash my hair and have a clump of hair in my hands. I stopped brushing my hair and my hair grow back. Just how it was before I got sick. Hang in there I'm a survivor for 17 years now

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