Eye sight problems and swollen feet, ankles and legs

My partner was in intensive care for four weeks with a very serious stomach injury, during which time he also had sepsis. Thankfully, he has now been out of hospital for 10 days but he has very blurred vision and very swollen feet, ankles and legs, so much so that he has great difficulty in wearing shoes. Has anyone else encountered these problems, and are they a "normal" consequence of what he has been through?

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  • Hi Coulsey,

    Sepsis can cause a lot of problems such as kidney failure but also being bed ridden for any length of time can be the cause of the swelling in the legs, couple that with the power drugs they use in ICU can cause side effects, 10 days out of hospital is still very early as the body has been through a major trauma it will take time to recover so try not to worry to much as they are all common problems we have suffered as ICU patients but if you have any major concerns you should contact your GP who would best advise you.


  • I WAS IN icu for 2 weeks at several times they would put me in a coma. due to my kidneys my feet and legs swell I guess because I drink a lot of water.I also had sepsis ,pneumonia,bacterial infection,the dr. told them it could go either live or die I was that sick. Thank God he is in the healing business,they told me I was a living miracle

  • Same here brendasparks - lucky to be here.

  • i'm not sure if you got any answers previously but I had hearing and visual acuity problems… I have neuropathy in my left leg and right elbow/arm… I have balance problems and they have not completely gone away but it is a time thing ...so walk walk walk… Read as much as you possibly can… It retrains the mind of the body ... I was told it takes time sometimes weeks months perhaps years you have to be patient with yourself and love who you are… There's not much else can be done ... all I ask is you be patient… 💕

  • Strange but my legs and ankles have swollen this weekend for the second time since leaving hospital 5 months back. I have no idea why they swell, the doctors can't tell me. All my organs etc are working fine. As for eyes, no one could tell me why. Couldn't see. Finally I've found out from spec savers that your eyes are surrounded by muscle, theses muscles also suffer from muscle wastage and are about the last muscles to start recovering. X

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