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Terrified about tomorrow

Tomorrow I fly to Munich, my first holiday since my hospital stay in Feb March this year. And to top it all off, I have now developed a chest infection, my first of the year too.

I was in hospital with swine flu, double pneumonia, cardiac arrest and 2 week coma followed by 3 weeks of dialysis and have, touch wood, been chest infection free ever since. I've tried getting an appointment but my doctors are permanently engaged when you try for a call back and then when you do get through they have no appointments left. I don't know what to do, any advice please? Xx

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Hi Debs,

I remember the first time I flew just over two years after my ICU stay, the company my wife works for paid for us to have a week in Malta, I was very apprehensive about flying as I have post ARDS pulmonary fibrosis but all went well and we had a great week.

Do you have a medical walk-in centre in your area? We have one here in Hastings it saves going to A&E but it can be a long wait to see a doctor or maybe a visit to the chemist and a word with the pharmacist a lot of people don't realise a pharmacist can be more qualified than some doctors.

I hope you can get it sorted and have a great stress free holiday.



Thanks so much Bill. My poor mum was on the phone trying to call the doctors but ended up walking to the surgery as she couldn't get through. She managed to get me a call back today at 9am so fingers crossed they can see me today xx

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Hi debs hope you got in at the doctors? .. things can come at the worst of times its typical .. i hope you get to go on your holiday xx

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Thank goodness!! Just been to docs, looks like just a cough or cold, oxygen levels ok and bp good, no sign of pneumonia, great doctor!! Been prescribed antibiotics and blood test to check kidneys following acute kidney infection, should get go ahead to fly tomorrow xxx


That's great news hope you have a well deserved holiday .. Pick me up on roote 😊... Xxx

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