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Help... My mum is currently in an icu unit in the westmidlands and I can't get hold of a consultant ?

Hi, my mum has been in icu now on sedation and ventilation for 3 days. They have tried weaning but not gone as well as hoped. My dad has spoken to them on the phone this morning and they are considering a tracheotomy however the the staff have not really explained to him why. I have tried to speak to a consultant but I always get the same response, busy !! Does anyone know the best way of arranging a meeting with her doctor/consultant. Some of the nurses are fab but I want to understand the full picture. Please can anyone advise me ?? Thanks

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Hi Moll80

I was in ICU three and half years ago, like your mum, I was on a ventilator for 19 days before I had a tracheotomy, because I was so critically ill they could not do it before, my wife was told by the doctors that the longer you are ventilated the more you risk suffering damage to the lungs, that is probably the reason they want to do a tracheotomy. The doctors/consultants should be able to have a meeting with you to discuss your concerns, maybe one of the senior nurses could arrange it for you, I'm sure they would be helpful.

Best wishes in your mums recovery.

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Hi lucky one

Thank you so much for your speedy reply. It was interesting to know why they might want to consider a Trachy. Yours is a truly inspirational story I am so glad you came out fighting the other end. They took mum of intubation yesterday to try NIV. Mixed results. Watch this space. It is comforting to. Know that there is this support for patients and relatives. Thanks again lucky one xx


You have every right to be given imformation on your mother,speak to the team leader (or matron ) and ask for an appt to see the consultant asap.There are units to help pts off the ventilator,if your mother has to be reintubated,so dont be frightened .Is there a iCU Steps near you ?if so do go,and get some face to face support.Keep strong,and positive xx


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