I was in the ICU for 7 days. Critical. Never recovered. need to get well

I had an upper GI bleed. lost nearly 2/3 my blood volume. Allergic reaction to dilated. Cardiac arrest, central line oops punctured r lung. Clip bleed, oops severed artery. Oh no lung collapsed Chest tube. Breathing tube. .embolis (sp?)up femoral artery to upper GI to cauterize bleed. no drugs to avoid further complication. Critical. The only reason I made it is because I did spin classes five times a week. When I was released I was still down by 1/3 or more my blood vol. blood shortage you know. Only To be bullied to death . I'm not doing to good. Still bullied. Need help

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  • where is this happenning?

  • Virginia beach , my real name is lori

  • Welcome to your support fredy. Do share more. Many of us here have had terrifying ICU experiences so please be assured we will understand that little bit more x

  • thanks a lot I know It sounds dramatic but gosh I just wish to get better. Is so weird that im not the only one and my trauma is real

  • Im not doin to good but I will say that this town is not supportive in fact they are mean. T hope that you are doing OK now. I Think If I had just Had a low stress month of recovery I would be OK

  • Not dramatic, traumatic! How long is it since your discharge? I, for example, am 18 months on and still reflect every day. I'm still taking Sertraline for the psychological effects and am so glad I finally 'succumbed.' As hard as it is to believe when so many tell you, time and talking - even to 'us' will help you.

  • I was released 15 months ago. I am in consoling for a ll sorts of stuff that happened since the ICU then realized that any one of these things and in combination has been disabling and it is overwhelming. I will consider what you said.

  • get well soon lori

  • Thamks, you too.

  • Thanks, You too

  • Can't sleep good any more

  • This helps

  • Hi Lori

    I have been out for fourteen months. I had my GI blood supply removed by mistake during a cancer operation. I agree with Kulta that talking about it helps. I've had a few arguments with health professionals who tried to bully me. I will not allow that and have refused treatment, made complaints to health commissions and got second opinions. Recovery, both physical, mental and spiritual takes a long long time. My advice is don't push your body or mind as they will rebel against you. Healing is a miracle but it takes time and patience. Just do what they will let you do each day. You are looking at months and years rather than week or days. I don’t understand what you said about blood volume though. I thought the body made up these deficiencies pretty quickly. That’s why we can donate blood without any side effects. How do they measure your blood volume? It’s not all bad though. Enjoy the ride while you can. Sadly many of us will never get back the life we had before (me included) and the journey is about learning to encourage and train your new body into giving you the best that it can. There are no guide books or advisors (that I know of) that specialise in ICU recover. We have to do it on our own. Take your time , smell the roses enjoy the journey.

  • hey Garrymeister, God im so happy to hear from you. I never had the opportunity to check back with my doctors I was so sick and bullied I was doing good just to keep breathing. Hey shit happens. I had a rough night . Up since two or so I'm a wreck.. The thing bout blood volume is every one has a different normal So my norm which I happen to have known, not all people do, was about 14 liters. So I guess I gave blood about 8 or 9 times in a day. Took a hit. I really think I could have bounced back if I just Weren't having all the issue people beating me down over and over and over. I 'm not usually the victim type but c'mon people have some compassion. You do and it means the world literally.

  • Also I feel real sick and an appointment at eleven I don't know if I can do it I may cancel.

    I hope you are gaining trust in some professionals out there holistic or something. Thats what I need to do. You know we have the Edger Cacy Institute near by I've always wanted to visit> I will check it out and let you know. I know he wrote some good books. feel better and thanks.

  • I'm Enrolling in a EKG Teck condenced program starts next week. Wish me well. We shall see.

  • superwomanwithteacuppoodle.simplesite.com

  • Keep hanging in there. about twelve months ago I was so depressed I was almost in tears most of the time although I tried not to let people see. You have already proved your a fighter by getting to the stage you are at mow. It'snot easy. but I promise it can get better.

    Good luck Try not to worry about sleep it makes it worse. If you can, grab cat naps whenever possible.

    Kind regards



  • I should say (OrmesbyPaul)

  • Hey,

    I went to the dr. we decided to try and keep a pattern so at night I lightly medicate and I am waking up lightly medicating and sleeping till 6 or so and am beginning to feel like part of the living. If I keep this up Its gong to be great and I will taper off the meds once I develop a Healthy sleep pattern At least its worth a try This Blog is helping so much . Thanks for your support.

  • Glad the blog is helping but be prepared for setbacks. If you are prepared then they are not so bad as if you just think everything is going to be o.k. It will be o.k. but not as quick as you hope. I think your right about the meds and I hope it works

    Kind regards

  • Yes i agree, Thank you.

    Last night was my fourth excellent nights sleep and I feel like I just returned from a vacation. My mind is clearing from a fog and I haven't sobbed for hours in about a week. miracle. the black circles under my eyes are slightly better and I dont want to die today. At least until this custody judge sinks her fangs into my healing neck one more time I may be OK. That is going to be another huge set back no doubt. Im going to need you all then bad.


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