My dented tender fingers an answer?

Went to GP today to get scripts re-authorised and mention my fingers problem. I had my GP admit that I do have a Heart and Lung Problem at last!

I explained what happens with my finger tips and mentioned critical illness neuropathy and it was not dismissed, however he said that with my problems it has now become more difficult to diagnose which of my problems is causing this and other things. He would expect my ankles to be swollen as well, which they are not but do leave dents when pressed like my fingers? He has said it could be my circulation or my O2 or both because neither are working 100%.

To add to this some tablets that may help the problem may cause me more problems elsewhere I have had some bad reactions to some wonder drugs.

So I am now back to "Live with It"

Be Well

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  • Hi Offcut,

    I can empathize with you about GP's, they seem to have little understanding of what many ICU patients have been through, we are a unique group of people that most GP's will only ever see very rarely, along with our post ICU problems, we are given a fist full of pills and sent on our way.

    I was left with post ARDS pulmonary fibrosis after my time in ICU, along with neuropathy problems, I finally had an operation for trapped nerves after a year, but still have problems trying to get my flu jab every year, even though it's on my records, I believe your hospital notes sent to GP's are just filed away and forgotten about.

  • I checked my toes today and my big toes dent too!

  • I have swelling in my lower legs which dent when pressed, I went to my GP about it, I had some blood tests that where clear, so she told me to just keep my legs elevated Which wasn't very helpful. I had double pneumonia, severe sepsis, MOF ARDS and had a DNR put on me which horrified my wife & family, I guess we're both lucky to survive such critical illnesses and just have to make the most of the life we now have, one I look at very differently now.

    Best wishes for the future.


  • I was told for nearly a year " you are a very luck man" but I never knew why until my lung consultant explained I was going into MOF and my lungs were bleeding so bad I had to have 6 units of blood. My wife was told twice that I was not going to survive the night! (she still does not remember them saying it or even that she spoke to my gp about it)

    I do have the flu jab and get a letter to say what dates I can book it in. I have RLD, Arthritis, 3 compression fractures that have now turned arthritic and to help things along APH and AF. I have not had a decent nights l sleep.

    But I am alive!

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