Feeling very concerned with jays resting heart rate but they don't seem to bothered

He has a resting heart rate of 116-130 bpm this has been ongoing since 2 weeks ago his blood pressure is fine & ECG was ok but I can see his heart beat threw his stomach! He has always suffered with anxiety but I feel like there is something wrong he has been moved to brain injury unit for his co ordination as he has problems there but I'm worried he has a heart problem what should I do doctors just keep checking with ECG but I've been googling and it's come up with all sorts of things :( is this a side affect of all treatments in icu??

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I can remember having a heart rate of around 100 bpm while on the ward, after spending 3 months in ICU I thought I would never leave which increases the anxiety greatly, I was eventually put on a beta blocker to slow my heart rate and still take it daily three years on.

I would try not to google to much it will just cause you more anxiety, I know from personal experience, doing it myself and believing I only had a short time to live as I had suffered major lung damage, something I still find hard to accept being a life long non-smoker, but I feel lucky to have been given a second chance of life and now use it as a positive to help others like yourself and Jay in the long road to recovery.

I wish you both well and hope 2014 is a better year for you.



I remember the first time i googled pulmonary fibrosis and the first thing that came up was end of life care. I almost had a heart attack. I understand how you feel with the lung damage. I have never smoked and felt it was unfair i now have a 'smokers disease' then again there's nothing fair about getting ill in the first place. I feel the same as you lucky to have a second chance at life. it doesn't matter how bad his life can be some days, it is definitely better than the alternative.


I agree with lucky one. Google is brilliant until it scares the pants of you. If the medical staff are monitoring his heart rate and are unconcerned then i would be too. ICU is a scary place and he's on a cocktail of drugs. He is probably anxious as well. Try to stay positive and once Jay comes home try not to fuss too much. That will be dificult because you have the memories of the last few weeks in your head. He is tougher than you will think. I know from experience family want to wrap you in cotton wool but you just want to stop being an invalid.


Hope al is ok love xxx


Just try and stay calm he is with good doctors xxxx


Hi Jayswife, as an ITU nurse and follow up sister I see this a lot. It can be very much due to anxiety but also due to criticall illness. It can sometimes take a while to settle and may need some medication. The most important thing is not to worry, you too are very anxious and have been through a very stressful time, you will pick up on many things. A HR of 116 is ok as long as everything else is ok. As the others have said Google is a wonderful thing but be very careful so many times relatives self diagnose and this can be a very dangerous thing to do. Take care.


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