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Christmas miracle ;)

Jay is now awake no brain damage he remembers everything had his trachiotomy out today and he's already talking!!! I know we have a long way to go and he still has chest and blood sugar level problem but he told me he loved me today!!& there moving him off icu in the next 7-10 days when throat has healed!! Thankyou to everyone for your support the last 4 weeks I love you all hopefully this is the beginning of recovery for my Jamie and our little family will be back together soon

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Great news! Very happy for you & your family. Have a beautiful holiday & God bless xo!


Wonderful news, seems very positive all round. I know the NHS gets a bashing at times but they really do perform miracles when things are on the line. Have a great Christmas with your loved ones :-)


Oh ! Your reply has made this a very happy Christmas for all who have been following your lives ! Take good care of yourself,you are very important ,so do try to get some rest and "time out" I know that sounds crazy ,but,honestly it is vital .

Happy Christmas ,and thank you for taking the time to reply xx


Fantastic news!

Once that tube comes out it is amazing how quick it skins over. When one my son's came it took him 10 minutes to realise I was talking :)

Be well


I'm so very, very happy for you and your family. Lots of love, xxxxxxx


Thankyou all for your kind well wishes! Merry Christmas xxxxx


You can not help after events and outcome's like this to look above and say "Thankyou"!

Jay has gone through what i went through 20 months ago, time is a fantastic healer i promise you.

Best of luck for the next few months on the road to full recovery..enjoy your Christmas



That's wonderful news. You know you have the support and understanding of everyone here and our very best wishes.

As a patient, I think our relatives have the worst time - we're unaware of the battle that's going on in those darkest time but our relatives live every moment. You've been on a roller coaster for months and this is a definite high point but Jay's roller coaster is only just beginning. There will be difficult times ahead, but nothing in comparison to what you've already been through. As you know recovery will take a long time and be frustratingly slow, but hopefully at least knowing that this is normal will help a little.

Moving to the general ward will be a hard step as well. Leaving the environment you've come to know and trust so much to a ward with less staffing and specialist knowledge is often one of the hardest times. If your hospital's ICU runs an 'outreach' service, this can be help in smoothing the transition for you, Jay and the healthcare team on the general ward - it may be worth asking the ICU staff if they have an outreach service and who you can contact if you have any problems or concerns later on.

Our thoughts are with you and remember, you're not going through this alone.


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Peter this is so true I thought are nightmare was over but after moving to the ward my husband is increasingly frustrated and anxious I feel frightened that there just leaving him to his own devices and don't seem to concerned with him when he finishes his antibiotics course the are moving him to a rehabilitation centre I'm concerned for his mental state he seems very frightened today it's all getting to much for him think he now realises how poorly he has been x


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