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Oophorectomy experiences?


I had a hysterectomy 2 and a half years ago and now I’m booked in for an oophorectomy to remove both ovaries laparoscopically and I just wondered if anyone else had had this done and what your experiences were like. I’m most interested in how long the recovery was and how you got on with starting hrt. I’ve read that surgical menopause is quite a shock to the system but how long does it take for the hrt to work if you start it straight after the operation?

Sylvia xxx

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Hi Sylvia I had a total hysterectomy and both ovaries removed last April and I’ve not looked back since!! I had horrid periods more pain than bleeding but generally felt ill all the time and they were just going to remove my ovaries but I opted for it all to be taken out I am 45 and no longer have any use for it all😄 anyway it all went smoothly I did have a lot of adhesions as well on bowel and bladder but was back at work after 5 weeks I am a sister in the nhs. If I was you I would get them out if they are causing trouble recovery will be down to you luckily I was a gym bunny so fit before I had the surgery which aided my recovery. You will have small incisions may need a stitch in them but they heal over quickly and hopefully you will back to normal after 2-3 weeks. I’m on estradiol which is eostrogen only tablet and I started taking it the day after my op and I’ve been fine no menapause symptoms at all. I’m on it until I’m 51. Anyway good luck I say go for it. If you need anymore info just message me. Emma.x


Thank you so much for your reply! Glad it worked out well for you xxx


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