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Breast Cancer & Hysterectomy

Dear friends

My mum has been diagnosed with Her 2 + BC, Stage 3 approx 18 months ago, she is only finishing the treatment i.e. herceptin. She is 57.

She has been suffering from simple hyperplasia and it appears that her endometrial lining has further thickened to 10.9 mm therefore Hysterectomy is now becoming an option.

Just wanted to know if anyone here has gone through similar experience. If so, would you recommend Hysterectomy?

Please advise

Kind regards,


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I have had breast cancer and recently went to hospital for scan of my uterus and was asked to return this week . I have fibroids in my uterus and cysts on my ovaries. I know there is a connection between breast cancer and uterine cancer. I am feeling anxious. I hope they do offer me a chance of hysterectomy as I have had problems for years. Just waiting to see what happens next


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