Post hysto painful sex

Hi there. I'm 3 months post total laparoscopic hysterectomy and bowel resection. I had sex for the first time since surgery and bled a lot and was in severe pain throughout my whole abdomen. Bad enough that I called the doc on call. She was the nurse practitioner and blamed it on dry vagina. It can't possibly hurt that much and that wide spread from just being dry can it? Has anyone else had pain after surgery caused by sex?

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  • That doesn't sound right. I suggest you go to your GP, ask to be examined and for a referral back to your surgeon. Being dry will be painful and there are treatments available for it - localised oestrogen and lubricants (imo YES is the best), but you could have an infection on your vaginal cuff, which is what happened to me.

  • You were right. I saw the doctor today and the top of my vagina still has a large wound in it. They said no sex for at least 6 more weeks. 😭

  • I'm pleased you saw a GP but to still have a wound at 3 months doesn't sound right either. I had a granuloma, which is an overgrowth of scar tissue, that kept getting infected after sex. My GPs misdiagnosed it for five months as a UTI and I had twelve courses of inappropriate antibiotics before they finally thought to examine and found it. I had to have it excised and cauterised under GA because it was too large to be treated with silver nitrate. Can I suggest you go back in a few weeks to get it checked again.

  • Twelve is so many! You poor thing. I agree that 3 months seems too long to not be healed. I'm hoping that they're not missing something. They said that because I'm on the Depo Proverà shot it could be inhibiting healing. I'm on it to suppress endometriosis . I have an appointment to be seen again in 6 weeks. Until then I'm supposed to be patient. After 25 years of pain it's hard to stay patient.

  • Take it easy. It's a rocky road for some of us. X

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