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Post tlh and removal of ovary


Hi I am new to this but have been reading lots of posts prior to having surgery and post surgery. Am three weeks into recovery. I went to doctor last November with post menopausal bleeding (I am 54). I always had problems with heavy periods, had one ovary removed about 15 years ago so just put it down to a very, very late period. I was given an urgent referral and things moved quickly. Consultant said she could see a complex cyst with a couple of polyps. She said that there was chance of it being malignant so gave me ca125 blood test and CT scan. Scan came back ok and blood within normal range- 29. However, she did something called and RMI, a risk of malignancy index and that came back as borderline. Was then sent for MRI which showed that I had a cyst on my heart and hemangioma on my liver. Said they were both ok though and just incidental findings! I was then sent from my local hospital to a specialist gyne/oncology hospital. All very frightening especially when the specialist nurse said again that it could be malignant. I have since had the operation, hysterectomy and removal of other ovary and fallopian tubes. They also did peritoneal washing and biopsies on omentum. Was in hospital for four days. The surgeon who operated said that it turned out that there had been a fibroid behind ovary and this is what had been showing up. Just wondering if anyone else has had this? I am grateful that it was all dealt with so quickly. Went back for histology results last week and all good/benign. They signed me of there and then. Just wanted to ask advice from you out there as I am feeling quite weepy and a bit dazed as it was such a stressful time-have a partner who has looked after me and been there at appointments but not sure he fully understands. How have you coped with things? I'm sure once I get back into a routine it will be better but just feel a bit out of sorts... insomnia and tiredness not helping either! Thanks for reading and sorry it's so long!

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It is no surprise you are shaken. You have gone through so much emotionally and physically. I had a total hysterectomy a year ago at 41. It was due to endometriosis. I didn’t have the scare that you have just gone through and it still took many months to really feel back to my usual self.

It is really impossible for our male partners/friends to fully understand. It is great he is there with you, but you may need to rely on some ladies in your life and on here to talk about some of what you are going through. I have found the older women in my life to be a great source of chat, support and humour.

I can only imagine you need time to understand what has just happened and make some peace with it.

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Thanks for your prompt reply and yes, I think I do just need to chat to some of my female friends. You just feel as though you don't want to bother them though as they have things going on in their lives. I'm just glad I found this website as even though I have only posted it was good to read of the experiences of others. Lots of good information and encouragement. Hope you are doing ok and healing well yourself. Thanks again. Should count myself very lucky! X

My hysterectomy was 7 months ago due to a womb full of precancerous polyps. I also had cysts on my ovaries and fibroids, three of which I knew about but two more were hidden behind my womb. After my op I felt teary, shaky, couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t sleep, depressed. I’d never felt any of this before and hated it, and myself. Talking to people and telling them how I felt helped so much. (That and hrt. Having my ovaries removed threw me straight into menopause). My husband was great but female friends were best. And it was surprising how many said ‘I know how you’re feeling.’ You will feel better. Give it time - it took me a good 6/8 weeks before I started to feel better mentally/emotionally

Hi thanks katmatty for your reply. I've had quite a good day today with my niece over and went for a walk and had a few laughs. I will go to the doctor to talk about alternatives to hrt as I cannot take it. I had my right ovary removed a few years ago after which I got a pulmonary embolism. Still on the tinzaparen injections and wearing lovely surgical stockings every day for a while. I think it is also not having a routine which throws you. Not that I have had a regular routine recently, I am a supply teacher and get sent everywhere and anywhere I can. I have only recently moved to my area and miss having my friends from the old area. As you say though, time is a good healer and will start putting things/ trips in for the future to look forward to. It sounds like you went through an awful lot yourself. I hope you are feeling better as well physically, emotionally and mentally. Thank you again for your reply.

I had the stomach injections for four weeks and the damn stockings for six. Once all that had stopped it made a huge difference to how I felt. And you’re right about routine and getting out etc. I’m a teaching assistant who works with year 1s, walks my dog for miles daily, swims, does aqua aerobics - and then suddenly couldn’t do any of it for a while and had to build it all back up. But once I could start driving again, ditch the stockings, go for a swim, walk the dog on my own, I felt more like me again. You take care and I wish you all the best for a speedy and good recovery xxx

Hiya yes likewise, used to doing lots and having quite an active life. I suppose it's little by little and I will get there. Getting back to driving will help as well, going to start this weekend! I wish you well and thanks again! X👍

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