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Are these symptoms typical 2 weeks post op?


I had my hysterectomy 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have had my uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes removed. I lost 1/2 litre of blood during surgery so I have been given ferrous sulfate to take for a month. Blood pressure is at the lower end of ok. But still, it's ok :)

I have two questions...

I am feeling dizzy and spaced out ALL day. I feel worse at mid morning and best at around 6pm, before tiredness sets in and I am going to bed at around 8:30. I don't feel sick or nauseous, just dizzy and spaced out so much it's difficult to focus on things (including typing this post). At 2 1/2 weeks post op, is it typical to feel this way ALL day? I have been given prochlorperazine which does not help. My GP has previously suggested it could be the general anesthetic and codeine. But I assume the last of the general anesthetic has left my body. And the last time I took codeine was 9 days post op.

My second question...

Every time I am about to have a poo, I have pain in my abdomen. It makes me cry out, it's that painful. It is the one indicator that I am about to pass a stool. The pain lasts anything from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then stops and a few seconds later I'm passing a stool. Is it typical to have this much pain in the abdomen when I'm about to poo?

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I am no doctor, but I would say what is are experiencing is fairly normal for such a major surgery. The dizziness and fatigue could be due to blood loss - but also codeine can knock you flat too. The codeine can cause constipation big time - so that could be making things difficult too. Worth mentioning that to your doctors they may be able to suggest something to help, also any iron supplements don't help in the poo department either! I actually had to use a frame over my toilet for the first few weeks post hysterectomy as my toilet was too low and i found it uncomfortable to do anything! Poo was difficult for me too - my doctor gave me laxido satchets which really helped.It is very early days for you - being honest it will be 8-10 weeks for you to feel less tired and a bit stronger - but at least 12 months to feel more like normal. I always had a swollen stomach every time I did too much - like I was 9 months gone and about to pop! That finally disappeared at about 14 months post hysterectomy. I am 4 years on now - no regrets having the op - but it takes time to recover.

Keep an eye on how you recover - be kind to yourself and don't feel bad about not being able to do much. If you get really sore, your incision area gets red or swollen, or you bleed when you don't think you should be , please see you doctor. I had part of my incision get infected and needed antibiotics- easily sorted when nipped in the bud!

Hope you heal well and feel lots better soon.

Dear Hunnypot93,

First and foremost am so sorry for the pain you are going through. It's very normal unless the percentage of dizziness or vertigo is so high that will require your doctor to address.

Now, allow md to be as plain and direct as can be. Am not good at mincing words. I want you whole so am going to take you through a process I learnt the hardway . These are things I did not heard. Its my testimony. Some I still do to late.

I had a radical or say Total abdominal hysterectomy with salpingo-ophorectomy (TAH+BSO) in February 2019. Implying I got nothing feminine down south save for the entrance to the mine.😜

1. The dizziness will be there. Start yourself on foods rich in calcium , iron, vitamins in general, nonstop.

Freshly ground Beetroot everytime


Wholegrain seeds and foods

Seeds like Chia, pumpkin, Linseed, etc.

Whole fruits

Calcium Tabs for your bones to combat osteo......

Etc. Eat in small portions.

Eat on time.

Rest enough.

Avoid lifting and or turning or standing or waking up with jerks. Be gentle to yourself. If you are living alone, find someone to help you out. It's time for you to love yourself selfishly!!!



3. Use stool loosening and softening syrup to ease passing it without pain.

4. Take lots of water and freshly squeezed juices.

5. Take your meds without fail

See your Obygyn as required. If dizziness persists, see a doctor.

6. Do daily exercise of walking, within the confines of the estate or home of compound, morning and evening for 5 minutes without exerting pressure on yourself. Watch your balance.

7. Wear loosely fitting clothes. Not trousers. No girlie girlie stuff at this point. Love yourself selfishly for your quick recovery.

8. If your dizziness comes with a headache run back to a doctor ASAP. This is to rule out any underlying problems. I was frustrated with such a headache that I nearly lost hope for healing.

9. Suspend sex of any amount for your healing process. After all, your health comes as a priority. No pressure.

10. Check the bed and mattress you're using. Should be abit lower and firm to help in alleviating back related problems.

11. Sleep with a pillow or towel of support of any sought between your legs and on the sides to support your belly from pulling down to the side you're sleeping on.

12. When walking, try to tuck in your belly to protect it from sagging downward.

And many more. Healing comes from believing in yourself and God. That it shall be ok with time. And yes it does.

Take time to heal. Dont be rush to get back to normalcy. Things will never be the same again.

NOTE:Am not a medical practitioner. Just a living testimony and victim of hysterectomy. Any advice that I might have given that seemingly sounds medical, can be ascertained from the doctor of your choice.

Please, love yourself selfishly.

I repeat, this is time to prove love coming your way, not going to others.


I am replying to my own post because it think it would be good for anyone who is wondering the answer to these questions, if they are also going through the same thing.

First question: docs think I have vertigo. My dizzy spaced out symptoms became worse - I was seeing stars. Had an MOT by the docs at my local hospital who said it has nothing to do with the anesthetic or codeine because at 3 weeks post op and 2 weeks since last codeine tablet, they would've left my system by those times. I have been given betahistine 8mg tablets to try.

My family have searched the web trying to find an answer for me and have found a few people saying they had this dizzy, spaced out, room spinning after their surgery when given general anesthetic (not just hysterectomies, all different operations).

Has anyone here experienced this?

Answer to my second question: this is what one of the docs at the hospital told me during my MOT... the large bowel sits right behind the uterus. Since there is no longer a uterus the large bowel is in contact with the surgical cut. As the poo moves through the large bowel, it is touching the surgical cut. As the surgical cut heals, the pain will get less and less.

I was very dizzy and had bowel problems with the iron pills, i had no idea until i finished the pills after weeks of suffering , colonoscopy and clueless doctors.. worth the try?

hunnypot93 in reply to SraB

Thanks for the reply SraB. I'm still having the pain in my abdomen but *touches wood* it is getting less painful, though I still cry out a little. But sometimes, there's no pain at all. At the moment, I'm trying to find a balance in my diet. Also, I took the last of my ferrous sulphate tablets last night :)

When you say you were very dizzy, what sort of way? I've been reading up on vertigo and I am getting the impression it comes on when you move in a certain way. I'm not like that at all. I can move in any way and the dizziness stays the same. And the symptoms don't just come on; they are here all day, every day. But worse in the mornings, less in the afternoon and best in late evening before bedtime when the dizziness gets worse.

It was not related to movement for sure, I would mostly just sit on the couch feeling weak, with mind fog and like the surroundings are moving a bit.. that kind of dizziness. I thought of course it was the anemia, but on 3 weeks my HB was much higher and I was feeling not better.

I too have the brain fog (forgetting words, names etc.) since the op (13 days ago) and definitely had the pain just before and during passing. It's much better now, peppermint tea and high fibre diet helped.

I came off the iron tablets (I was on them for over a year pre-op), because they made me a little constipated, and my iron levels were good on discharge, but the iron is important in other ways. I eat loads of heme iron foods - sardines, faggots, black pudding, liver - a lot to get your head around initially, particularly as I was edging towards vegetarianism previously, but they really helped me a lot. I did get a bit dizzy with the low iron pre-op.

Good luck, you're doing great by sharing on here and keeping in touch with the doctors, it's very early days xxx

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