Hi Ladies would be grateful for a little advice.

As some of you are aware i had a Full Hysterectomy in sept due to me having Endo stage 4 and i was riddled with it. Now i am currently on HRT due to the surgical menopause and despite it working fab with my hot nightly sweats i am feeling extra emotional and very ratty with zero patience. The HRT is calledMEDA ELLESTE DUET 2mg. I seriously have been feeliing so down and depressed whislt i have been on it. I dont think it is right for me at all. Also i have not concern for sex no more if anything it has put me off. Is this normal ladies x

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  • Hello Broderskim39 😊 Sorry you are struggling with emotions etc πŸ˜• It does sound like typical menopause symptoms, so in my opinion the HRT isn't doing it's job very well πŸ˜• Definitely worth another visit to GP.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you Anna. Hoping my GP will listen to me anyway. But hey on the plus side no more night sweats they where waking me up at night x Hope your well Anna x

  • Yes, very well 😊 Finally got the all clear from Oncologist, (all cancer removed during surgery) so just 4 monthly check ups 😊 And there was me thinking I'd have no more intervals!! Lol πŸ˜‚

  • Fantastic news well done you. Really am very pleased for you well done. You must be over the moon x

  • Thank you, yes, big relief!! 😊😊😊

  • Hi. It sounds like you need to try a different type of HRT. Different ones will suit different people. My hysterectomy was September too for severe endometriosis (both ovaries removed). I am taking Tibolone and have had no problems at all with sweats or mood. I honestly don't feel any different (except that I now have no pain). Speak to your gp and see if you can try a different type. Hope you find something that works for you soon. xxx

  • I had the same op in September and am taking nothing for my surgically induced menopause. Few odd hot flushes every now and then but nothing unbearable. Find if I eat rubbish with high sugar contents they are worse. I think my ovaries were so damaged from the endo that they stopped functioning a long time ago. My only worry is osteoporosis and am looking at other things to help. Read some interesting medical journals on drinking mineralised alkaline water and that has shown to reduce the loss of minerals from your bones. In a few months I'll go chat to my GP and make sure it's all ok. Any hormonal type drugs I've ever had over the last 30 years has played total havoc with my body and mind and I'm not going down that path.

  • Well yes I do agree HRT is definitly taken a massive role of my emotions. I had really bad hot flushes sweats so unbarable they where controling my life. Couldnt sleep etc. I have to just find the best balance for me. I am currently taken calcuim tablets and drinking a lot of water. Wish I could be drug free like you x

  • Good luck! See if you can find a naturopath to help. A few friends of mine have got onto "happy hormones" (Australia) and swear by them. Another has found a naturopath that is treating the cause of the hot sweats instead of just adding hormones into their body (targeting the pituitary gland i think) and that has really helped a few other girls I know. There is more than one way to skin a cat - just have to find what is right for you. Best of luck x

  • Hi I too went into surgical menopause and tried for 3 months with no hrt as was advised not to take it because of family history, I tried every natural remedy but none worked and like you the sweats were horrendous and felt very depressed,I started on hrt and was told by my consultant it would take 3 months for the full effect.HRT feels like a miracle to me as I feel so much better I don't feel completely back to my self and like you still emotional and low some days and no sex drive !! My consultant said sometimes it takes a while to find the right one so I will probably try a different one but I feel confident that I will find one that suits.

    Sounds like you need to speak to your doc, take care I'm sure things will improve as it's still early days for you.

  • Thanks wendy. Not had time make that appointment little boy not well but will make time today x

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