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Hi I'm 48, been diagnosed with two large fibroids, adenomyosis and endometriosis and have after trying the bioidentical route for just over a year am now scheduled for a hysterectomy in Feb. Just started Zoladex first of 3 months pre-surgery. Hope to keep ovaries, but who knows. I'd love advice, tips and any useful reading. I have two kids already and am slim & fit (and hope to stay that way), so lifestyle advice would also be great.

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HI there CountryV.. I'm post op (6 months) also had fibroids and adenomyosis (although didn't find that out until after the op!) I didn't keep my ovaries as history of cancer in family. I hope your surgery goes well... I've just started on HRT (Evorel patch and hopefully going to add testosterone) I wish I'd started it before the op as have lost a lot of hair :( I thought this was a thryoid issue, but seems totally connected with the hormone drop since June.. Hopefully if you are already on some sort of HRT you won't experience this, and if you keep your ovaries then it will be a lot gentler. The actual op was fine, I had vaginal and laproscopic and was out in a day. I think the emotional fall out has been greater, dealing with being single and on my own has been tough, but starting to see light at the end. Hopefully you've got support from your family and can take time to recover. I would say that the greatest resource I've found has been menopause matters forum and also But hopefully you won't be a sur-meno lady! Good nutrition is key, I've adjusted my diet although was fit and healthy too like you, but upped protein intake and am really careful about what I'm putting in body..Walking after surgery key, but you will be able to resume fitness routine as soon as you feel up to it.. I didn't anticipate how I would feel post-op, even though my womb was giving me so much hassle. it's a big adjustment.. Hugs and hope it all goes well..


Thank you. I've been on bioidentical progesterone for about a year to balance out my estrogen, but off that now. Just started Zoladex and extremely tired. Waiting to start add-back therapy on kliofem, so hopefully that will help. I'm two weeks into Zoladex and having headaches, lower back pain and tiredness - no hot flushes yet, but I hope the kliofem sorts out the tiredness and headaches.


Did you do any exercise or prep for surgery or anything after? I may have vertical abdominal surgery because of the surgery and concerned about healing muscles well. Had a caesarean 11 years ago and while the scar is barely visible it is still numb on either side of the scar. I'm worried my tummy muscles will never be the same!


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