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Let's get this community up and running! Introducing yourself can be an important first step, so please reply with a simple "Hi" followed by something about yourself and/or your experience (or curiosity!) with Hysterectomy.

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Good Day, my name is Lesley Donnelly and I am currently residing in South Africa!

I have had epilepsy for 41 years now (from the age of 16) and made the decision to have a full hysterectomy at least 20 years ago... Hormones play a big part in one's seizure pattern, which was all relative from puberty onwards! The seizures didn't get better but worse due to an imbalance of estrogen and the mishaps of my menstrual cycle which, due to stress, stopped immediately after divorce. I lived on hormonal patches, hormonal implants etc. and when in a new marriage decided to not have children, have a full hysterectomy and go forward in life. During the procedure of the hysterectomy, I continued to have a hemorrhage which naturally upset the epilepsy and hormonal balances. I have been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) ever since, but never regret the fact of having the operation... My seizures have improved as I have got older, being on HRT has alleviated the painful menstrual cycle (which obviously stopped) and hormones are now well controlled.

Thank you for opening up this Community to help others... Everyone has their own thoughts on the subject, but I never regret the decision I made.

SimoneHUHealthUnlocked in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply lesmal and for having the courage to be the first one to do it! That is an interesting insight on the connection between hysterectomy and epilepsy - I had no idea!


Hi Im Joolz and live in Hampshire England. I had a hysterectomy 2 weeks before my 40th birthday (Im 54 now). They left my ovaries but they are probably shrivelled by now as I got told at the time of my op that ovaries last about 10 years after. I had the op because I had severe bleeding and pain for 2 years and became suicidal because of it. I bled for 3 weeks out of 4 and was given all kinds of meds to ease it non of which worked. I couldnt go anywhere because I would need to pad myself so much and I was in constant abdominal pain. I would have to wear pads to bed at night and there werent many times I didnt have to change the sheets. Within day of the op I was up walking and feeling like a new person. It made such a difference to my life. I started back to work fulltime and we were able to move home. The only downside I feel is that I have put on so much weight that I cant shift no matter what I do but I guess this is different for everyone and I have never regretted having it done as it gave me my life back.

Hugs Joolz.x


I'm 358 days following a laparscopic hysterectomy with ovaries and cervix taken too. Mine was for endometriosis and I am really pleased I had the surgery but I'm still recovering... never realised it would take quite so long. I have adhesion pain, possibly related to the excision of endo from Pouch of Douglas (between rectum & back wall of vagina) as much as the hysterectomy itself, still being in pain gets me down but it is easier to control than before and I feel better in myself. I have oestrogen and testosterone replacement therapy which has been wonderful after the first 6 months with no hormones!!!

I definitely feel more in control post-op and with HRT than I did pre-op or before HRT started. Think I will need to retire when they decide I cannot have any more HRT though, can't see myself being capable of full time work in my profession!! Hopefully that won't be for a while though as I'm only 42 now.


Hi all ..iam new to the site and really nervous. I have had a prolaspe of the vignal walls and my cervix is bulging... The gyno thinks it best if I have a hysterectomy and leave my ovaries.. Shes going to stich the walks back as well..iaso have two fibroids and polycystic ovaries suffered really heavy periods but just got on with them. iam 42 and have two lovely girls..iam booked in for the opp next week and am really scared...really worried iam going to be loads of pain after the opp..some support and great advice would be much appricated ☺

Hi please does anyone have any advice....I had a hysterectomy 3days ago...OK it was trauma going into hospital... The nurses were so kind...came home on painkillers paracetamol and ibuprofen and codine and laxatives to take for three weeks. Felt OK but had not been to toilet...been drinking mint tea...walking around ...showers and eating small meals..pain started today need the toilet could not go in pain for two husband went and got me some supostrives..finally went to toilet and went about three more time in the day with lots of this the normal does anyone have advise..much appricieted

SimoneHUHealthUnlocked in reply to Townsend

Hi Townsend! saw you reply here and wanted to ask to write a post here: that way the other community followers will be notified about your advice request. Hope that helps!

Hi Ladies, my name is Sarah-Kate and I live in Nottinghamshire UK and I'm 47. I am just going through the process of going through having a full hysterectomy with removal of ovaries, uterus, tubes and cervix due to severe endo and some organs not salvageable due to endo and possible adeno. I have joined this group to ask for advice, help and support. My operation will be taking place next year date to be confirmed. I also was diagnosed in 2002 with PCOS and had ovarian drilling and diathermy of both ovaries as had 15 cysts on left and 10 cysts on right,some where large. I would love to hear from you lovely ladies and would so appreciate your help and support XXX 😘

Hi I had a hysteroscopy & endometrial ablation done on Friday under a general, I went to watch my son play rugby yesterday & although sat down a lot did walk slowly around from pitch to pitch to watch him, i am now very uncomfortable, have tummy cramps & my tummy feels swollen, is this normal ?


I'm 38 years old and waiting to hear when I'll be having my total hysterectomy and endo excision. I have adenomyosis and endo on the left uterosacral ligament and ureter. I'm under a BSGE listed specialist surgeon at James Cook University Hospital (Middlesbrough, UK) and receiving great care so far.

Not so nervous about the op itself, more about the recovery and receiving adequate pain medication. I was told it will only be an over night stay...

Hi.... I'm Heather.... I'm 54 years old and had a total hysterectomy in 2008.... I'm currently trying to find a private consultant to help me with the fact I have no sex drive what so ever and despite it wrecking my marriage and now alone gp's don't care 🤔

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