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Anyone using eostrogen patches ?

Hi Ladies,

After much deliberation & weeks of research I can't seem to find a natural alternative to HRT.As you may have read my previous posts I have had a total hysterectomy removing everything so my symptoms are life changing!

I have an underactive thyroid & have been looking for a natural alternative to HRT so it doesn't them impact on my thyroid ...... No joy so I'm now thinking Oestrogen patches.

If you have any information/recommendations good or bad whilst being on these patches ivwould love to hear from you. Hopefully making my decision soon & easier with your help.

Thanx so much x

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Hi I too had a total hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. I have been on estradot patches 25mg for 3 weeks as I too struggled to find an alternative that wasn't so costly. This is a more natural oestrogen as some are synthetic patches but apart from a few headaches to begin with and the odd hot flushes I feel good. I've also added soya milk and more pluses into my diet to cope with the lose Hope this helps.

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Hi Leek

Thanks for the advise I will look into Estradot. My heads been in a spin since I had my op,it's all I've done reasearch the menopause & healthier alternatives!

How do you feel 5 weeks in ?

Sounds like your up and about.

Could I be personal & ask how your pain/management is?

Are you walking about properly yet?

Good to hear from someone that's going through same thing at same time!

Keep in touch x


Hi Suzzie I'm really well almost back to normal first two weeks I kept on pain relief but after than I was free of pain but my surgery was keyhole and my large cyst with everything was removed vaginally so not so evasive. I been on a gentle walk every day for two weeks which has helped. Hope this all helps.

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Hi Leek

That sounds amazing,well done!

Wish I was that good I actually felt better last week(4) I have had different aches this week all over my body & my hips seem to be aching.

I still have a lower numb tummy & just above my tummy button is still abit tender.I havnt been out properly yet tried a few times but carried my stomach like I was pregnant it was quite uncomfortable but probably funny to watch haha.

Could I ask you did you have a couple of GP visits before you made your decision to use patches & did your GP advise you to take Estradot or did you tell them?

Pleased your on the mend & patches are working x



I'm on estraderm mx 50 oestrogen patches. I'm 4 weeks in. Not feeling great yo be honest. Bad nausea still got the sweats/hot flushes. Trouble with HRT is betting the method/doseage right. I'm due a review with GP 2 weeks and expect to have doseage increased. Trouble is nobody knows what level of oestrogen our bodies had before so it's trial and error.

Best wishes

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