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Need help with blood test and comments


I need help with comments from the rheumy. On a letter she sent me, it says I had a positive blood test for a condition that causes sticky blood and Raynards but that it's probably a false positive. I didn't think that the same antibodies caused the 2 conditions.

Then she gave a slip to have a blood test in 3 months. On the clinical details box it says raynards, sicca and what looks like Sx next to it, then +ve aca. I think +ve means positive and I know sicca is sort of Sjrogrens. So does that mean that she thinks that I have those?

The test is then for ENA Anti cardiolipin and then what looks like AS

I know it's all up in the air and I am guessing that she is doing a good job by doing an ENA to see which antibody is causing the problems.

I guess what I'm saying is that the letter seems to be downplaying what it says on the clinical details.

Any opinions or info would be appreciated.



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Yes what she is saying is that she thinks that you had a false positive for Hughes Syndrome which is also common with Raynaulds Syndrome too. So she is doing another test in 3 months to check for Sicca (Sjogrens) and all the Hughes antibody tests. Even if you were positive they would repeat them in three months to get a proper diagnosis because you have to have two positive tests 3 months apart.

So as you say she is on the ball and keeping a good eye on you. You dodnt say if you have any symptoms though and if in the meantime she is actually treating you for those while waiting to do these blood tests. Some Doctors will not wait the three months if a patient in symptomatic as you can diagnose the condition on clinical history and the blood tests just back it all up. So it depends very much on how you are feeling. Some people can have antibodies and no symptoms in which case the Doctor may decide to do nothing or may decide to treat with aspirin.

Have a look at the Hughes Syndrome website as it has lots of info and explains all about the condition.



Thanks for the info.

I have livedo reticularis, fibromyalgia, migraines, 2 5 week miscarriages, flashing lights every day, dizziness, pain and fatigue etc

She didn't suggest any medication. I try to take baby aspirin now and again but have stomach reactions with nsaid's.

I just got confused with the clinical details, thinking that was saying what I had.



Hi there, and welcome.. and yes to all said above, please get them to thoroughly check out your thyroid... as Professor Hughes himself often talks about the trio of disease which is Hughes, Sjogrens and Thyroid.. lots of us have this and other things on top. I am glad you are in the hands of a well read medic!! Mary F x


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