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Question about Splinter hemmorages


I know splinter hemmorages are a feature of Hughes syndrome and try are clots that appear in the nail bed as vertical lines but I'm not sure exactly what they mean. I am taking a low dose of Fragmin & a daily asprin. I have less splinter hemmorages but I am still getting fresh ones. In your opinion or experience does this mean that the thinners are inadequate or are they a result of the thinners?

Thanks in advance!

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I used to get those and they went away after I was on coumadin.


I have had one of these on my right thumbnail for almost a year - I have no idea what it means. Thank you for the links APsnotFAB - I'll check them out immediately. I'm on warfarin by the way.

I would advise you to check it out with your Dr as there is a type of skin cancer that can present under the nail called acral letiginous melanoma, it is not common but better to exclude the possibility......I am speaking from personnal experience.

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