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Please can anyone recommend a good Rheumatologist in any of the following hospitals:-

in any of the following hospitals:- Leeds Chapel Allerton, York District, or Malton Community Hospital? I have to make my own appointment to see someone now, with this new schemein the hope they will finally make a diagnosis.

Thank you for any help.

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If you look on the hughes foundation site there is a list of drs in your area , that are recommended , hope this helps x


Thank you for replying dutchess.

The hospitals on the web site are not on my list so I am going to my Dr to ask if I can see one of the Rheumatologists on the Hughes web site.

Thanks again.


Please have a look at this list:

and best of luck. Mary F x


Thank you MaryF, but the hospital choices I've been given are not on the Hughe's website list.


Tricky can you take it to your GP and inquire, and the knowledge is growing all the time! You may be able to persuade GP if you take along compelling paperwork, many of us have done this. Mary F x


Thank you MaryF. I will make an appointment to see the GP.



I used to live near York and my local hospital was York District. I saw a Neurologist initially and he was the first person to mention Hughes Syndrome but said I didn't have enough symptoms, this was rubbish as I pretty much had them all! I had been having TIA's.

I had to go to London Bridge Hospital, as a private patient, where I was correctly diagnosed by, Dr Khamashta.

I have now moved to Somerset and am seen at St Thomas's. Sorry I can't give you more useful information.

Let us know how you get on x


I was diagnosed at St Thomas by Prof Hughes and later saw him privately at London Bridge. However as I am in West Yorkshire he wanted me to have support nearer home and did recommend a rheumy at Leeds.

I visited Chapel Allerton a few times and the care was good. However the appointments always ran about 3 hours late, and as my symptoms did not change and treatment remained the same I stopped making further appointments.

I am now back at London Bridge after basically hiding for about 5 years.


Thank you very much for this Jade.

I am going to have to go to that hospital I think as the only Dr recommended in my area on the Hughes website is there. However you have prepared me for a long wait which I will take into account when I make my appointment. Incidentally did you see a DR Michael Martin?

Thank you again.


Sorry about all the answers. The computer was being awkward.


Don't worry! I have deleted one or two :-)


Thank you. I see now that I could have deleted them.


I live in Leeds and was diagnosed in London bridge hospital after frankly awful treatment by doctors in Leeds hospitals. I would be very interested to hear how you get on with Michael Martin. It would be great to have some local support if I knew someone competent and humane . Good Luck with your appointment. Ann


Hello Ann.

Actually I have changed my appointment to York hospital (which is nearer for me). To see a Dr Green .This is on the recommendation of pink12 on our forum.

It's not till July though but I will let you all know how I get on.

Thank you for your reply.


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