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Trying for another baby

I have a miscarriage at 21 weeks in 2009 and was diagnosed with APS. I then had a baby boy 12 weeks prematurely in Jan 2010 due to APS and high blood pressure. They did a CS. Anyway I want to know whether to try again..... I had Heparin injections daily and a 75g aspirin but he still had to be delivered early.

I am overweight and I know that losing weight will hopefully help and we have been told that they would give me a higher dose of heparin.

thoughts welcomed....

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This sounds very very promising for you. Others who have had the same personal experiences will also answer I am sure. I had multiple blood clots in both legs with my first pregnancy, and stayed in hospital for months having things sorted.. and had fragmin.. plus the same for every other pregnancy.. I never lost a child, as I had acted so early, due to both my sisters having had this in their legs and lungs when pregnant and one sister having lost 7 babies! It has happened to them before me in pregnancy, with my sister, literally four weeks before mine... the minute my legs hurt I was off to hospital. We are all seronegative, but have the disease nevertheless. I had the luck of living less than one mile from St Thomas' in 1988!

So...other ladies will be on soon, I am sure and you can swap experiences. Mary F x


Its hard decision to make ... I guess you have to be ready for everything a head of you. i have two kids. i formed a PE at 30 wks with my first in 2009. I have since been advised I shouldn't have anymore. Which is hard for me to acept this. I wish you all the very best. Wendy x


I'm currently pregnant with my second, after 5 miscarriages and the premature birth of my daughter - she was also born with congenital issues that required surgery. This was all prior to my aps diagnosis and am currently taking Fragmin injections, with daily aspirin for the first time during pregnancy. I guess with any pregnancy, it's all very unknown and perhaps a little more so with a condition like aps. I have family members who are aghast that I'm pregnant, purely through fear of the unknown and understandable worry. However, the thought of not expanding my family is one I'm not willing to accept (just yet), so all I'm saying is that on some level, I can relate and very simply, perhaps naively "you've got to be in it to win it".


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