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My APS poem

A whole day in bed

Exhausted body and thumping head

No will can wake

This humbled state


A whole day in bed

pretty duvet, lots of red

analysis paralysis !

A bed of worries


A whole day alone

It is so easy to condone

when you don't see

Behind closed doors

Look closer

A whole day alone

Comes to a close again

To suffer pain is,

To prepare for peace


A whole day ahead

I force myself out of this nest of a bed

This secret disease

Rhian Elin Thomas

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Great job :-):-) :-) ---so so so true-- you get a gold star !!!!!!! jet


And a sweeter day for you tomorrow! Mary F x


Great poem, it's so nice to know we all have each other to listen too. I always felt so alone.... Take care and BIG hugs, Sam


You aren't alone and many of us feel your pain but thank you for putting words to it for us:-)


Prayers and best wishes .


Wonderful poem,expresses many of our days im sure. Take care...Teresa


Must get up, in hibernation mode and the sun is out xx


Poetry prompts an emotional response,and know you are not alone.I too love poetry and when i spent 2 weeks in hospital and nearly died.I wrote this poem for my wife who has since died..

"when I die and go to rest

I'll leave behind just one request

No stone so cold lay at my head

Plant a tree for me


Scatter my ashes around its base

Let it florish,and grow in grace

Beneath its shady


Sit a while-remember


I'll not be very far from


Nor will the love we always knew.

When,one day,you follow me,perhaps you too,will

leave a tree.

Be sure it's planted next to mine,so the branches intertwine.

Then as they reach up to the sun,my love,they'll be as one"


Yours is a truly emotional poem, sad but explores your feelings. I am sorry about the follow on, but you are a natural poet. Write some more.


Thank you for your kind words pluto5,I have created many poems and words of wisdom.However since having had many TIA I find it difficult now to compose words.if i ever find some inspiration then i will share it with you.

best wishes



Oh that was lovely ....waw..could this be the start of the APS Poetry book..could be a great way of raising money for the foundation..what do you think admin ? :)


Thank you Rhian21 for your appreciation of my poem.I think it would be brilliant for us all to compose some comforting words of wisdom to share and if we could raise some money,then im in.

Best wishes

Popshaw21 x


A very good isea but how would we do it?


How indeed ????


Some wonderful poetry :>)


I think I should apologize that the punctuation isn't correct on my poem yet..:)


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