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Sense prevails!!! :-)

Sense prevails!!! :-)


Well good news, went to see gp this morning and after many weeks of me asking, suggesting that I might be better on clexane until my Inr higher and stable following my stroke, he's actually done it, daily clexane injections, probably at least until I attend St Thomas's. I could've hugged him, think he may have been doing some research as he now feels my Inr should be at least 3 and probably closer to 4. Woohoo!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Still waiting for local hospital to follow up after MRI and artery scan, but at least now feel a bit safer.

Recovering slowly, left side getting stronger, speech improving, still very tired but I am adjusting and learning new limits! Not keep me down for long though, to busy living, had a lovely afternoon with children yesterday, bless em, they make everything worthwhile. :-) :-) :-)

Hope you all feeling ok.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

Pic is my 6 month old puppy Charley helping me rest! Xxx

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Hi Jessie

Well done.

Best wishes.



Hi there, very good news, and great to hear from you, sorry it has all been so tough... that puppy will keep you busy! Can you teach it to do ADMIN for you? Mary F x


Well Done from me too! At least thats one thing less to worry about so you can concentrate on whats important getting better. I think you may well find the Heparin will improve those Stroke symptoms faster than you think, it did for me. xx


So glad for you, take care and hope the pup is behaving for you. D x


Whoop whoop!!!!!

About time hun :) thought we were going to have to shout to make them hear us when we got to London to make them listen here!!!!!........glad it's now sorted, now for you to get yourself better :) thinking of you & sending you a virtual hug until we meet up

again xxxx


Great news. I think the clexane will really help . Very good to feel doctor has a better understanding now pleased for you !Ann


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