A New Year

I want to wish everyone a Happy New and Healthy 2017!

I am so happy that this site exists and that I can be here among all these wonderful people and for the fantastic work the Admins are doing for us all. They really care for us. I hope Professor Hughes will have a happy and healthy year.

I also hope for peace between the countries.

Thanks to everyone as we learn so much about this illness when we are posting here!

Finally I have admired all those beautiful pictures on "daily digest". I wonder where they come from? Good idea!

Kerstin in Stockholm

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  • Thank you Kerstin and a Happy New Year to you too.

    Dave xx

  • Thanks. Keep well!


  • And you. xx

  • Thank you for your lovely message, I shall check back in, in the early hours, I am doing a gig on violin tonight and one tomorrow lunch time, so busy busy busy, but I am thankful to be well enough this time around to do them, as so many times I have not been able to. Wishing you peace, love and happiness now and for 2017. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary!

    Wish I could hear you playing!


  • Gott nytt år Kerstin!

    Thank you for all the replies and the private messages over this last year - you have been a wonderful help to me.

    To all, Have a very Happy and healthy new year, with love Kelly x

  • Kelly,

    Have you also been to IKEA? Perfect Swedish! Thanks!

    Keep well!


  • I have to tell you Kersten, and Mary- I really don't think you quite understand how valuable you have been to me in these past few weeks. Ms apsnot fab as well. Not many people can say " I think you may well have played a role in saving my life" but I truly can.

    As you know I don't have an APS specialist so I've truly been relying on you and your posts. I'm taking them to my doctors. That's when they realized I needed to find an actual specialist. The "list" from Hughes foundation general website for the American side has not been truely "pure" - could be that someone just had a good experience with them. Mary, a link you attached to me personally said "an error occurred " when giving me specialists here in the states.

    I do know there is one in San Antonio ( I'm scheduled with her assistant I think Jan 18) but she is neurology and only focuses on brain aspects of APS (which does apply in every way to me) but I need, as we all do, a whole systems approach!

    Great news! Please share!!! I found an actual APS specialist Dr. Erkan in New York -NYC proper. Fantastic educational background and teaching concurrently. Cutting edge trials with the suppression medication. You can look up his work/ publications. Upon reviewing my discharge summary from hospital and latest INR and Coumadin history struggles- he wanted to work me in immediately.(. Still no where near target) and severe systemic vascular pain and burning and relentless nausea...)

    The soonest I can reasonably fly up from Texas is Jan 13th.

    I'll keep you informed of all I learn in hopes of helping to "replenish the table" that you so tirelessly set forth to help nourish us in every way.

    New Years greetings , "y'all!"

    Kelly in Texas❤️️🌵

  • Yes I have heard about Dr Ekran but he could do better in the seronegative department but there again that may again be insurance restrictions!

  • I've heard he's a great doctor. Does a lot of research. He's in hospital for special surgery in Manhattan. My sister went to him. He's excellent. Wish you the best and a happy healthy new year

  • Thanks for your great words to us! Very nice of you to tell us that!

    Those people together with prof Hughes and Kay Thackray and of course Warfarin has saved my life also.


  • Happy New Year from Oz to you all. Can only echo the sentiments of others in thanking the admin for their sterling work on this site.

    PS My babies are growing and have feathers. They are keeping the parents very busy feeding them.

  • Blackbird is called "Koltrast" in Swedish and is a great singer. Good Luck!



  • Thank you again for the wonderful comments. Our priority this year will be getting a worldwide directory of Hughes specialists especially in the USA.

    Happy New Year! X

  • Thanks Lynn!


  • The same to you my BEST-EST friend in all of Sweden .

    My fellow triple P

    and all my friends here in sticky aps Hughes world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi tripple-positive!

    Best to you and Casey in 2017!


  • Happy new year to you too. You are such a great help to all of us. XXXOOO

  • Happy New Year to you and your sis Deb!



  • You are so kind! And you and the admins really keep us newbies informed. You are the unofficial mother of aps-ers! God Bless You!

  • Thank you! Yes, we are really a great family .....together.


  • Amen to that Kerstin and a very happy and healthy 2017 to you. Your posts are always interesting and I like to think of you in Stockholm, lots of snow?


  • Up in the north yes, but here in the middle of Sweden where Stockholm is situated we had yesterday the warmest New Year in 157 years! 10,3 degree Fahrenheit. So no snow now.

    Last week we had very big differences in temperature between the north and south part of Sweden.

    Thank you!


  • You are a wonderful woman Kerstin! I wish u a Blessed, Happy, & Healthy New Year! You are very special to me and my sister, Nanny Lynn! GODSPEED

  • Hi Deb,

    Thank you and the same to you Deb! GODSPEED


  • And I Will repeat: Happy 2017 to all, and thanks to administrators and regular posters who in a quiet, web based way, have spread so much assurance, peace, understanding, and yes, joy.

  • I do agree with you Gina!

    The same to you and your family.


  • Happy new year to you too Kerstin.You are such a lovely caring woman who takes your time to check in on people to see how they are.

    Let's hope this year we can get back to some quality health.2016 was awful

  • Thanks for your kind words! I wish you a top APS-Specialist at St Thomas who can help you.


  • Thank you Kerstin, and of course we wish you the very best for 2017 too.

  • Keep well! Thanks Tim!


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