Is GERD anotother typical symptom of APS?

I'd seen several references to GERD in people's accounts on this site and having looked up what it is, I now realise I have what's called silent reflux, which is basically GERD without the heartburn (this finally finally explains my persistent cough and constant throat-clearing, after 30 years or so, hurray!). I haven't been able to find any links on the Internet between reflux, whether the GERDy type or silent, and APS though. Any ideas?

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  • Forget this question, I've come to the conclusion that GERD is such a common and banal disorder that there are bound to be plenty of APS patients who also suffer from GERD, without it being specific to APS!

  • I do believe that there is evidence to suggest the APS patients are also commonly diagnosed with GERD, indicating that there is a possible link.

  • i also have Gerd and aps.. good question ellen

  • Thank you for your answers. I suppose GERD could go on the list of "symptoms Olympics" suggested in one of the blogs on this site, but having consulted my doctors I'm a bit dubious about the link. Thanks again!

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