Is anyone else exoeriencing thinning hair as a result of aps?

I'm quite worried, my hair has never been the thickest but now it is so thin I have hardly any hair! My pony tail is non existent and I'm sure it is thinner on the scalp too. It used to grow so quick and now it never seems to grow! Could this be part of aps or a side effect from all my medication I'm on? I would appreciate if anyone had any advice or information thanks

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  • Hi... I believe at times some can experience thinning with medication... AND do check out your thyroid as so often people with APS go on to have this.... and untreated thyroid problems can do this. Mary F x

  • you dont mention if you are on warfarin. One of the rarer effects is hair loss with this medication.

  • Hi guys thanks for your answers, I have had had thyroid tested and hormone levels and are all ok. Im not on warfarin, am on clexane, prednisolne, quineric, to name just a few!

  • Hi, Prednisilone can do it, although it is also known to do the opposite. I lose a small handfull everyday, why? doctors say it is unconnected, but I don't think so. I am on warfarin, and periodically on Prednisilone too.

    The Hair loss can also be due to low blood supply to the scalp.

  • Hi Louise: Hair loss could be caused by so many different things - literally. Many different drugs are a possibility, just as taking many drugs at the same time can actually cause diabetes. If I were you I would bring the question to my GP. He may adjust some meds around or even cut your doses down if he is aware there could be a problem. He may keep an eye on it himself over the next year. You don't mention your age or heretity factors, two possible causes. I just turned 60 and I finally stopped wearing my hair long and up. I started that beauty parlor every six week cut and style and over the past year I now only need to go every 8 to 10 weeks! I felt pretty bad because I accused the beautcian of cutting it too short, but she brought the calendar out and over time it has just taken longer to get to the point I like it. It could also be diet. When I was a teen I had hair loss and I was given Vitamin B12 shots (another reason to mention it to the doctor). If you googled "hair loss" I think it may choke with all the possibilities for hair loss. I wouldn't worry too much about it. What will be - will be, if its from APS or some other reason (shampoo? hard water?). I would just make mention of it to my doctor so he can keep an eye out.

    My two best friends - same age as I- are as hairy as can be, just like when we were teens. They claim it's the APS as when I was young my hair used to shine, but not in my "golden" years. I wonder why they say golden? What turns golden? I get white hair, yellow skin with purple marks! Well, no matter what color I turn, I'm just glad to be here.

    Warm wishes and a ho-ho-ho!


  • Thanks canary, I think I will see what the gp has to say to put my mind at rest. I am 34 so still reasonably young so wasn't expecting this for a good few years yet! Fingers crossed its a tempory thing! X x

  • Many years ago, I took Prednisone. I decided I didn't like the drug and I stopped it without tapering off and I lost a LOT of hair for a few days after I did that.

    Also, a couple of months ago, I had an injection of Depo Provera. I didn't notice anything until about two or three weeks ago, but around then I noticed I'm losing a lot of hair every time I take a shower or brush it. It's significant enough that I've decided not to continue with the Depo injections.

    I've even begun thinking about trying to find a place that sells high-quality wigs. There are some really nice ones I've seen others wearing and figure I'll go that route if the hair loss continues.

  • I do have the depo injection every 3 months I never considered if that may effect anything! Thanks for your advise, I will certainly look into this

  • hydroxycloraquine (spelling) Plaquinal will make "all" or part of your hair fall out.

  • I have seen references to hair thinning but have never seen any reference on any studies that says that this drug will make "all" your hair or even part of it fall out. I think there is a big difference between thinning and hair falling out which can be down to a number of different reasons as has been noted by a number of different members on here.

    I would be most grateful if you could point me in the direction of any evidence that you have or know of that suggests that what you stated above.

  • My young daughter is on this for APS and Lupus... and not seen any hair loss, naturally I understand that autoimmune in general can cause hair loss, and often the thyroid falls through NHS tests and can later on be seen to be a culprit... also I think Lupus in general can cause this. I keep her diet and exercise very good.. but so far not noted hair loss. What works for some, will not work for others, in my case I could not tolerate plaquenil, but it is making a huge difference to my daughter. I would hate anybody to feel that they could not give this drug a try as first hand i have seen the positive side. Mary F

  • When I had mt appointment at st Thomas a few weeks ago, the doctor asked if I had suffered any hair loss. She went on to explain that it's a symptom of aps. I never knew this, and I've had hair loss for about 8 years now, and it's getting quite thin now, but have always had very thick hair, so it wasn't as noticeable at first.

  • Hi! I agree with Lesley-D that it's probably a side effect of slow sludgy blood flow. Don't forget, there is a difference between hair loss and thinning hair....although the end result is that we won't make it as supermodels any more!! I am a Clexane injector, my thyroid is ok at the moment, I have been on blood pressure meds for over 20 years. I think extended use of a cocktail of meds aggravates the condition, and I have been through times when I lost small clumps in the shower or in my hairbrush. Now my hair is just....well, sort of SKINNY!! I try to avoid being directly under a light which makes my hair look see-through and I have looked at scarves and hats...but I'm not really a hat person. Larraine x

  • I went to the hairdressers today and she couldn't belive how thin and fine my hair is now. It is breaking off in places too. I'm trying not to get too worried about it, but see through hair is not a good look! The hairdresser recommended a vitamin supplement which I will try but def will see dr about it and see if any or a combination of my meds could be causing it x

  • Hi. I know just what you mean about shrinking pony tail. !!!. so hard especially as our hair is part of who we are..and how we look... ( Men and Women). I already had baby fine hair... even thinner now!!. Hair loss( as many have said) can be a common symptoms for many medical conditions. My understanding is that auto immone conditions like APS can cause this symptom.

    I have experienced thinning hair for 5 years now pretty much when my APS symptoms first got worse. Make sure your iron levels, B12 , Thyroid, are ok. Though I agree with the previous answers Uk standards ranges are very wide for thyroid...The effects of the menopause also are common for hair thinning. Excessive Dieting can also trigger as can shock and stress.

    I have been to NHS dermatologist and have been using Monixdril ( from Boots for Men 5% foam is best) with some success on and off for three years now. MY doctor says fine for woman to use.. but of course you must check as we are all different and have diferent medical histories. it is an over counter product. This is not available as an NHS treatment 3 months costs about £67.00 You need to use for at least 3 months to see if it works for you ( Works I think in about 35-45 % of cases in women) and then if it does for another 6 -9 months. and before seeing a big change. I have had to keep going and having a break set me back 6 months. I shed continually and so wear my hair up... shorter hair not an option for me.. yet anyway.. it would just look even more flat. thin and mousey. Get apt to your local dermatolgist and double check nothing else is going on .. with blood tests. etc. There are also some new trials with some drugs that can in some cases reverse hair loss. of course there are other side effects as the trade off.. My dermo is based at the Royal Free in London. She is involved in some on going reserach.

    There is little evidence about Vit supplements helping .. but it may work for is a choice thing... it can be very pricey.

    Good luck with much compassion and understanding from a fellow hair thinner!!

  • Thanks for all of your comments. It really helps to have the support of you all x

  • Hi Louise,

    When I had issues with my thyroid my hair used to fall out quite alot. My thyroid problems resolved itself and I no longer have as much hair loss. My instinct is that both are connected. I hope this is somewhat helpful to you.

    Take Care,


  • Hello all, I have been to the drs and they suspect that my thining hair is due to the depo injection I have been having for contraception. I will stop that and hope that all will be well! X

  • Hi Louise

    I have hair thinning and was told it was due to steroids and when I stop taking them it does start to thicken again, I am 47. Do you get nightmares from any of your meds as I think it is the Prednisilone that causes these too?

  • My hair started to fall out when I was on a higher dose of warfarin. I cut back on my vitamin k veggies and my dose went down and it stopped. Hair loss is no fun!

  • I started to feel tired and lathegic, so i went to see my gp, At first i thought it was because i was going through the change, He did a thyroids test and it came back positive so i have a under active thyroid. Seems like it has started to thin again , so had another blood test waiting for result, i know a lot ot the different medications i take could causing the problem. But if i was you go and get the thyroid checked.


  • I had a extra thick head of hair before. Not any more.

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