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Anyone on Fondaparinux?

If you are, can you let me know what dose you're on?

I've been switched from Tinzaparin to fondaparinux due to osteoporosis, but only at 5mg per day which I think is too little for my weight (70k) - leaflet says this is correct dose for 50Kg or less.

Lovely thought it would be to lose 20kg in the next few weeks, I'm thinking it's not likely!

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Hi hon

I have done a little research and as you say dosage is weight dependent, also tho depends on what clotting incidents patients have had. Possibly your docs are startin off low and gives the option to increase when necessary. From what I've read 50 - 100 kg weight recommended dose 7.5mg after clot.

I hope they get you sorted hon and that you feeling ok today.

Hopefully someone will be along with more info.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Was put on this injection I started off on 7.5 mgs. It was too high so it was reduced to 5mgs then 2.5mgs

I was put back on Clexane after that ,as i don't have Oesteoporosis and its very expensive I weighed about 12 stone / 13 then i think . I would have prefered to have a lower dose to start with if I had the chance again!

Love karen xx

PS: felt really good on it


Many thanks Jessielou and Daisyd for you feedback.

Daisy - can I ask how they knew 7.5mgs was too high for you? Did you have excessive bleeding / bruising?

I've been so stable on tinzaparin for the passt 15 years I'm a bit loathe to start on too low a dosage!



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